Version 2

    These instructions assume that your application name is sbs and you are using the bundled Postgres database.  Be sure to take the appropriate steps if this is not the case.


    Important Note: this is not a fully supported operation, but simply a best practice document document for the steps that commonly need to be taken.


    1. Stop the Dev app server
    2. Backup jiveHome and database on Dev

      on 3.0 and up, jivehome is located in /usr/local/jive/applications/sbs/home/

    3. Dump the production database and copy it to your dev server.     
      • pg_dump sbs -Fc -O -U postgres > sbs_prod.dmp
    4. Copy your production theme to the Dev server     
      • Your theme is located in /usr/local/jive/applications/sbs/home/themes

    5. Drop the Dev database    did you back it up?    
      • dropdb sbs -U postgres
    6. Re-create Dev DB       
      • createdb sbs -E UTF-8 -O sbs -U postgres
    7. Restore database from Prod into Dev       
      • pg_restore -d sbs -O -x -i -U sbs < /home/your_name/sbs_prod.dmp
    8. Clear tomcat work directory        
      • rm -rf /usr/local/jive/var/work/sbs
    9. Clear jiveHome attachment and cache directories
      cd /usr/local/jive/applications/sbs/home/
      rm -f ./attachments/*.txt
      rm -f ./attachments/cache/*
      rm -f ./images/*.bin
      rm -f ./images/cache/*
      rm -f ./documents/*
      rm -f ./documents/cache/*
      rm -f ./www/resources/scripts/gen/*
    10. Log into the database and override all of the email addresses to prevent spamming.   or step 18    
      • update jiveuser set email = username || 'discard@localhost';
    11. Delete the theme directory and copy the production theme into development.  (from step 4)

    12. Start Dev app server
    13. Rebuild user and main search indexes by going to System > Settings > Search > Index Tasks tab in the Admin Console.
    14. Update jiveUrl from the System Properties page (under System > Management)
    15. Remove/change your email gateways located in Space > Settings > Gateway Settings in the Admin Console
    16. Change the SMTP server settings to a fake hostname under System > Settings > Email Server   unless you did step 10
    17. Change/Disable the Email Monitor under System > Settings > Email Server > Incoming Email
    18. Change the Analytics database settings, if applicable.
    19. Change SSO settings, if applicable.
    20. Change your video keys, if applicable