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    How I have done this in my community is to have help documents already set up, and then create a periodic status update that links to the help content on that topic. Often, this is based on having a spate of questions about that topic. I might even have a bunch of questions, realize I don't have a help document created, so then create that first, post a status update about it, and then add it to the collection of daily tips.


    In my status update, I not only @mention the document, but also the Help space. This gives people the option of whether to follow me, the help space, or the collection of help tips to get periodic suggestions for working better in the system. Note that I do not include the space @mentions when posted to the tips collection. I also create a new tips document every year to keep it somewhat manageable.


    Here is a sample:


    Did you know that you can use browser shortcuts in Jive? Since it runs in a browser, this can be a great way to enhance your experience. See how here: Quick Tips: Use Browser Shortcuts.general12/20
    Ever wondered why/when to mark questions as answered or correct? Here's a little context to consider: How do I know when to mark an answer "Helpful" or "Correct"?general12/19