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    Company / Jive instance summary:


    AML Oceanographic is a small manufacturer of ocean sensing equipment. We run Jive SBS 8c2.1, Cloud essentials plus, primarily using Jive internally (~25 users at any given time) with 2 or 3 externally accessible groups, but there is much less focus on those and I'll be providing examples of internal spaces. Jive for us (and probably many of you) is a bit of a Pandora's box of goodies so even though we've been using it for just over a year, we're still playing with some elements and deciding on structure, which tools will be in use, which to turn off, etc. As such, I'll focus on the places we DO have more or less nailed down, spaces and projects, and leave groups for another day - the day we have it more figured out...


    Overall Community Overview page:


    Our "homepage" is pretty basic, as I've found it gets little use as people have the ability to set their homepage to streams and actions. It still is a useful place for some of the biggies though.




    1. Important links I don't want people to lose - this is a basic formatted text widget with a 2x1 table, spruced up with a bit of colour. One thing of note - most of the links are to docs but the "create help ticket" goes directly to a form and ensures the ticket is posted in the right space (info on that here: Forms App:  Linking to a Specific Template or Place)
    2. Your basic search widget
    3. This is simply a View Document widget for an index document I created.
    4. Ideas widget.


    Further down the page, I've kept a quick tips and spaces widget, pretty basic and probably no image needed - let's move on to the fun stuff.


    Departmental Overview page:


    We reserve places (mostly) for departments. Each department has one project that houses a "rolling agenda." We use the rolling agenda for weekly meetings and the project (in conjunction with Producteev) for task assignment. So the Department has an overview page and the rolling agenda project has overview and activity pages (which are more suited for viewing tasks).  First off, departments (all are structured very similarly). Our departments in Jive are for ...well, departmental content, but more importantly, for SOPs (procedures). Each department has its own procedures, and each document will be tagged specifically to make it appear on the overview page in the appropriate widget(s).  For the most part, we keep dept'l content on the left, and reserve the right for SOPs.



    1.  Project widget - displays link to rolling agenda project for this department (mostly here for ease of navigation).

    2.  Overview widget

    3.  Featured content widget - useful for SOPs I don't want getting lost or to be front and centre (ok, front and right). Document must be marked as featured content on the doc itself.

    4.  Recent ideas widget - we've just started with ideas so I'm giving it pride of place right now to get it some attention


    5.  IT Blog - Blog content widget where I spout off.

    6.  Recent Activity widget

    7.  Procedures overview - this is a formatted text widget. It contains direct links to documents, but also links to preformatted searches. There are a lot of SOPs in some areas, so I've limited the widgets to 25 items each. These links will open the content search page with the appropriate tags for those SOPs

    8.  Tags widget - these are the SOP widgets - tags drive these widgets, but they can also be limited to Place (which they are in other departments but not here) and Content type (mine are documents and discussions only).


    Skipping down (we're only missing more recent activity on the left and other SOP widgets on the right) toward the end:


    9.  Categories widget - jive standard

    10. HTML widget - this is an the basic html widget in this case used with a google calendar iframe - there's really very little configuration on the Jive side here - google calendar will build the widget for you when you define the parameters - it's basically just a cut and paste job after that.

    11. HTML redux - same thing again for Box.

    Rolling Agenda Project Overview page:


    So again, our departmental meetings are driven by the rolling agenda document. But we discovered in using the doc itself, we couldn't assign tasks specifically to the doc, so created a project and integrated the two:




    So the first part of the project overview is another view document widget, which displays the rolling agenda document. For ease of navigation, I've added view (for comments if necessary) and edit links to the document itself, so that when viewing the document in the portlet you have access to editing it (confused yet?).


    As I mentioned earlier, we also use this page for tracking issues. For time tracking purposes, we use Netsuite for the creation of issues (as opposed to Jive forms). Those issues are created via email into documents, and attached to the appropriate department. They come in with an "unreviewed" tag, and during meetings are then reviewed, put on hold, assigned, etc. The rest of the widgets on this overview page are simply RSS feeds of Jive content searches, filtered for department, tag or action label, etc.:




    That'a about it - other overview pages are just variations on this theme - again, we do use activity pages on the project, simply to see attached tasks, but there aren't really any tiles that replace the utility of the widgets for us just yet.