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    Company / Jive instance summary:


    CSC is a global leader of next-generation information technology (IT) services and solutions.  The company's mission is to enable superior returns on clients’ technology investments through best-in-class industry solutions, domain expertise and global scale. CSC has approximately 79,000 employees and reported revenue of $13.0 billion for the 12 months ended March 28, 2014.  For more information, visit the company's website at


    Our Jive instance is called C3, Connect, Communicate, Collaborate has been in place for just over 5 years and is accessible by all 79,000 employees as well as trusted partners who we work closely with to deliver our services. We have a high level of adoption. Over the past 3 months 62% of our registered users have been active in C3 and of those, 34% have participated or contributed something to the community. C3 started out as a collaboration platform for our centers of excellence and expert communities and has expanded to become our company intranet and the place where people come to find company and departmental information, work tools and collaborate with their colleagues. During the recent and ongoing company restructuring C3 has been and continues to be a pivotal employee communications channel supporting corporate strategy, executive messages and brand . Employees can find out what we are doing, where we are going, and how they fit in. Our Corporate Communications team manages the overview page content and we have spaces that officially represent all the top level organizations of CSC as well as many levels underneath. Most of the executive leadership team use C3 as their primary forum for communication and many of them regularly post personal blogs or videos.

    Our group creation model is self-service and we have over 20,000 groups that cover many different topics and business uses. Some groups are formally organized, for example our core competency groups provide guidance on training, career development and solution/service development for areas such as Architecture and Engineering and Program and Project Management.These have a lively membership and hold regular meetings to discuss and share global expertise, backed up by the Jive group. The Young Professionals Network is another example of a formally run group providing support to our young employees. Other groups are less formal and may cover topics such as Java Development or Photography.


    Overall Community Overview page:


    Managed primarily by our Corporate Communications team, our overview page is the entry point to the wealth of tools, information, expertise and people in CSC and beyond. Our theme was customized by Jive Professional Services and includes the intranet style menu as well as some custom styles for the Formatted Text widget that make the messages pop.


    Key Features:

    • Branding - C3 is branded to reflect CSC's corporate personality
    • Custom menu - provides effective navigation to locate resources, tools and content necessary to learn about CSC’s business and get work done
    • Custom Carousel Widget - allows for 5 high profile stories to be featured front and center on the page. There is also a narrow version for featuring another 5 stories on the side.
    • Top 3 key linked messages that give quick access to the latest CSC news and Our Vision and Strategy as well as tips on getting the best out of C3.
    • Custom tabbed container presents activity streams that display the leadership messages, CSC News, an open forum for questions about anything and the CSC Twitter feed.
    • An information section provides quick links to CSC's corporate resources, news about C3 updates and general help about C3
    • Outside In - Latest Industry News brings in articles from around the Technology sector
    • Inside Out - Events list key events CSC is holding or those of key importance to our employees
    • Header and Footer - contain links to other collaboration services, social media and frequently used tools as well as guidelines for participating in our C3 community and other social media tools



    Our Custom Menu:


    Developed in October 2012 our custom menu provides the navigation our employees expect from their corporate intranet.



    Three levels deep, each area is owned and managed by someone in the business. Updates to the menu occur monthly and are managed through a request and governance process.


    Our Support Model:


    We have a Community Manager and Subject Matter Experts who provide formal support for C3 both within the community and to our help services teams. In addition our C3 Advocates Program builds a global network of volunteers of self-proclaimed experts on C3. As part of the program we hold biweekly meetings to present new features or innovative ways others are using C3 to get their job done more effectively and efficiently. C3 Advocates regularly answer questions raised in our Get Help Get Started forum to help all our users get the best business value from the community.