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    Note: I have updated this document (September 9 2016) to show our new Home Page using Jive's News Page layout.  Since there were quite a few comments about the old overview page, I've kept it below the new one for reference.


    Company / Jive instance summary:


    Lexmark is mostly recognized as a printer manufacturer, but in recent years we have expanded to include software and services to help organizations capture and manage information in addition to printing it.  We have been using Jive since 2012 and moved to the cloud version in February 2015.


    Lexmark has about 12,000 employees in over 70 countries.  Our shift to include software and services has created a very dynamic environment with the acquisition of 11 companies over the last 3 years, so our executives and corporate communications staff see the Jive home page (we call our instance 'Innovate' internally) as an essential tool for communicating all the changes that are taking place.


    Community Home Page:


    We now use the News Page as our community home page.  This is the current layout, obviously subject to change (but probably not too much).


    1. Top menu: We condensed People,Places, and Content into a custom Browse dropdown so as to save space for other custom buttons.  The dropdown also includes a link to a phonebook app we created which pulls profile data into more of a phonebook format (see the image below the home page screenshot).  In the phonebook, the avatar on the left links to the profile and the icon beside it links to the org chart.  The Administrative Assistant name is also a link that goes to that profile.  On the home page in the top menu we also have buttons labeled Google and I'd like to ...  We are a Google Apps customer, so the Google button drops down with links to Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, Sites, Docs, Contacts, and Hangouts.  The I'd like to ... button provides links for common functions such as "Change my password," "Submit an expense report," "submit a service request," "take a class," etc.  The last link is "Other useful links" which goes to a Jive page full of other links, categorized.
    2. Banner pictures are photographs submitted by employees and changed out every week.  They get some brief fame (see the text in the lower right of the picture).
    3. Subscription streams are Worldwide News, Executive Voice (blog posts and videos by execs), Regional News (country level), and Local News (site level).  There are some discussions about doing business function news streams (Sales, R&D, etc.) but nothing concrete yet.
    4. Buttons to popular/important spaces and for common functions.
    5. A stock ticker tile we custom wrote, which you can find here if you want to use it: Stock Tile
    6. Lexmark twitter feed
    7. Featured Video
    8. Trending People


    News Home Page.png


    Phone Book:

    Phone book.JPG






    Previous (Jive 6) Community Overview page:


    Most of the description here is taken from comments I originally posted in Corporate communications and your communities.  The two screenshots below are taken from the same page; I just had to scroll down and capture it in two shots to get it all.  Commentary on the highlighted areas follows below the screenshots.







    1. We use gmail for our corporate email system, so we put a bar across the top that mirrors what Google has, or rather had up until recently when they went with their box layout.  We want to make it as easy as possible for users to jump back and forth between email and Jive ("Innovate").  We expect that these will change when we go to Jive 7, along with the links under the logo.  Changes in this area are a joint decision between community managers and Corp Com.
    2. Links to three popular and/or important functions -- "Learn More" is where we have all our Jive documentation, instructions, Q&A, etc.  "Water Cooler" is your typical Jive catch-all space.  "Phone Book" is the corporate directory.  Also joint decisions as to what goes here.
    3. The bulk of the page "above the fold" is where Corp Com does most of their work.  They have an html widget that lets them post a top story across the top with lesser or older stories just below it.  If you look st the smaller red circle inside it (which I forgot to number ) you can see that they have links to narrower regional content.  All of these are subspaces under an overall Corp Com news space, so once users get into one of those spaces they can navigate around to see more content as well.
    4. People complained that there was a lot going on in the tool but it was hard to find things.  Jive has a lot of good search and filtering capability but one problem is that by necessity it has to be somewhat generic and can't map to a given company's specific business organization.  So we created a Community Directory to help people find content based on business area or type of group.  I have been managing what goes in this section because we don't want it to get too big or it defeats the purpose.  Some of the links go to top-level business area spaces and from there users can navigate to what they are looking for.  Other links (particularly those near the bottom that say things like "Technology Discussions" and "Social Groups") are actually saved searches that filter on a particular tag.  The "How do I add my group?" link at the bottom takes users to a document that contains the list of tags used for the directory.  This helps it become self-managed -- anyone can add their group or space to the list that shows up in a particular result set just by adding the right tag.
    5. Our company is dramatically shifting strategy, so a key focus for executives has been making sure everyone understand where we are headed with the new strategy.  Corp Com added  this graphic which takes people to a Lexmark Strategy space that our CEO uses.  It contains videos, presentations, and discussions to help with that understanding.  The CEO logs in every day and has been pretty good about answering strategy questions directly, not only in his own space but even in places like the Water Cooler.
    6. We have a widget for "Executive Voice," which contains videos, blog posts, etc. from any of our VPs who want to participate.  The order changes so that the most recent content is at the top.  Interesting that it prompts execs to add new content, otherwise they fall to the bottom of the list.  They each have their own place, so all they have to do post a new video or blog entry and it will show up on the home page.


    You can see we also have a Popular Content widget to highlight some of the dynamic content changing every day, but over time we have been deliberately toning down the home page dynamic activity, as I have discussed elsewhere.  The community managers and Corp Com also work together by consensus to decide which widgets should be on the page.  We have a regular monthly meeting to keep in touch and discuss any changes that either side might want to make.