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    Company / Jive instance summary:


    Pearson has a simple mission: to help people make more of their lives through learning. We’re the world’s leading learning company, but we believe that companies, like people, are Always Learning. That’s because there’s always room for a bit more understanding. We launched our Jive instance Neo in December 2010 on version 4.5. In May 2014 we upgraded to Jive SBS from Jive 5, we are preparing to move to the cloud in 2015 so our latest upgrade saw Neo lose a lot of customisation and become a cleaner fresher community with a bigger focus on out of the box functionality.


    Pearson has 42,000 people across 72 countries, our community has on average 20,000 users a day and Neo replaced all of our Intranets; it is the communication channel for all corporate messaging, policy and forms; as well as being the business collaboration tool of choice across the company. Pearson uses Gmail as our email client and we are looking to integrate with Google products as much as we can.


    Overall Community Overview Page




    1. We use the recent activity widget front and center. We believe this is helpful for people to see what is happening around Neo and across Pearson. Whilst it can seem overwhelming and not always relevant to everyone, it helps us to support our goal of being One Pearson.
    2. Our business recently re-structured and we have mirrored the organisation structure across the top. These are our top level spaces and below are the next tier down. We have just completed a project to reduce the number of spaces we had across Neo from 2339 to 719 and plan to get below 500.
    3. Our share price is important to us so we've included this on the homepage. This was an early request by the community.
    4. Popular content around Neo, everyone wants their content to appear on this widget and people get VERY excited when their content features. We have a few pieces that often fall of the top spot and then come back.
    5. This is our Homepage Slider, this was created by one of our team members. It moves through each slide automatically and we use it for our latest updates and news. We manage a diary for the slider and anyone from across Pearson can book a 5 day slot. You get to be on the first slider for 24hrs then you move down until you drop off. This slider is very popular across other spaces in various sizes. The downside is we made a customised version so that everyone across Neo could add it to their space or group. We lost it in the upgrade and the carousel slider that comes OOTB from Jive is not popular. Because of the javascript only an admin can post so for this reason it only appears in spaces now, much to the disappointment of our community. I have attached the code to this document if anyone is interested in using it in their own community.


    Neo Help is a space managed by the Neo team for all support and training material.


    1. The buttons are dynamic and when you hover over them they pulse. These link to key pieces of content within the Help space.
    2. Ask - is a newture within Jive 7 and we love it, we hope this will reduce the duplication of people asking the same questions over and over.
    3. This is View a document widget, we update the document regularly with things, places and/or people we would like to draw people's attention to.



    If you would like to create the circle theme HTML button like the screenshot above, please see these instructions:How to create a navigation menu - 4 circle HTML pulsing buttons


    We are hosting a global internal and external event in February called The Summit. We've updated our homepage to reflect the activity happening during this event, including a countdown and a formatted text widget to draw attention to the group and core content. During the week of The Summit we will be doing a Summit takeover of the homepage. We will post more details mid-Feb.