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    This document describes how to re-pack and re-sign the Android application for enterprise distribution.  The iOS instructions can be found at Script for re-signing the Jive iOS app binary.


    OS Notes/Prerequisites


    The customization/repack scripts (the script found here, as well as How To: Configure the Jive Android App For Enterprise Distribution) are only supported on OS X and Linux environments.  If you are using Windows, our recommended workaround is to install Ubuntu Linux under a VM (VirtualBox is freely downloadable), install the Android SDK and APKtool, and finally use the attached scripts.


    The following must be installed in your environment prior to proceeding:




    The attached script allows for re-packing and re-signing the Android APK binary.  After downloading, be sure to make it executable:


    chmod +x signapk.bash


    Simple Re-Signing (Customer Certificate Only, No Customizations)


    If you don't need to perform any customizations (see How To: Configure the Jive Android App For Enterprise Distribution for details on customizations), you can re-sign the APK directly using this script. The usage of the script is as follows:


    ./signapk.bash <path-to-apk> <path-to-keystore-file> <keystore password> <key alias>


    The script will generate a signed APK file, with "signed" prepended to the original input filename.


    For example:


    ./signapk.bash jive-android-core.apk jive-customer.keystore android123 android


    This will re-sign the APK file named jive-android-core.apk using the key named android from the keystore jive-customer.keystore, with password android123. The resulting re-signed file will be named signed_jive-android-core.apk. Replace the keystore, key alias, and password with values appropriate for your organization.


    Re-Signing With Customizations


    Before customizing, we recommend performing a "simple" re-signing process as described above to ensure you have the correct keystore and other parameters, and to verify that the resultant APK can be successfully installed to a device.


    After you have made desired customizations as described in How To: Configure the Jive Android App For Enterprise Distribution, you will have a custom_jive-android-core.apk directory instead of a file.  Run the script with the path to the directory, instead of the file. For example:


    ./signapk.bash custom_jive-android-core.apk jive-customer.keystore android123 android


    The resultant signed APK file will be named signed_custom-jive-android-core.apk and will be suitable for installation on a device.