Version 1

    ComponentProblem IDSeverityVersions First Seen InRelease Notes Title
    Activity,Activity: Status LevelsJIVE-23057S26.0.0,7.0.1Users at the top level based on status points see a misleading message encouraging them to reach the next level
    Activity,Activity: GamificationJIVE-38562S26.0.3, you install Gamification and create a blog post in a group, the Places tab shows the latest activity in list view as modified by ANONYMOUS
    Activity,Activity: WidgetsJIVE-38773S36.0.3Japan Locale not displaying in standard locale format
    Activity,Activity: InboxJIVE-39224S27.0.1Comment truncated in inbox when a mention is added, only for plugin content types
    Activity,Activity: OnboardingJIVE-41009S26.0.4,7.0.2Get Started "Tell us a bit about you" screen cards display incorrectly
    Activity,Search: Spotlight SearchJIVE-41638S16.0.4In Japanese, spotlight search typeahead does not return results in FireFox until a word is completed
    Activity,Activity: Email NotificationsJIVE-41965S16.0.3If you mention another user and have your name set to private in your profile, your name is displayed in the email notification of the mention
    Activity,Activity: Custom StreamsJIVE-42005S2NoneTags are not indexed for search as quickly as other content types
    ActivityJIVE-42422S27.0.2Wrong wording when avatar or profile is updated
    Activity,Activity: Admin ConsoleJIVE-42561S27.0.0Document Management shows multiple records for document that has multiple version
    Activity,Activity: GamificationJIVE-42577S17.0.0Gamification - We shouldn't send tag information unless a customer 'turns it on'
    ActivityJIVE-42798S26.0.0,7.0.0High Database load with large number of members concurrently joining groups
    Activity,Activity: GamificationJIVE-42835S2NoneGamification - Filters on Missions don't respond after the first change
    Activity,Activity: OnboardingJIVE-42965S1NoneCannot save "Tell us about yourself" in onboarding
    Activity,Activity: InboxJIVE-43072S2NoneSharing with yourself displays blank name in Inbox
    ActivityJIVE-43353S17.0.0On-premise installations trying to contact an internal Value Case server
    Activity,Activity: WidgetsJIVE-43380S27.0.2Recent Activity Widget not respecting Theming Tool configs
    Activity,Activity: WidgetsJIVE-43483S27.0.1In the Your Groups widget, the last update time doesn't get updated
    Activity,Activity: GamificationJIVE-437886.0.0,7.0.0Gamification - Add Support for internationalization
    Activity,Activity: Email NotificationsJIVE-44114S27.0.0Email notifications for unanswered questions are sent every few hours
    ActivityJIVE-44115S27.0.2Activity profile > when page loads, items are not be translated.
    ActivityJIVE-44170S17.0.2Dynamically built string causing issues with Japanese (at least)
    Activity,Activity: Following/Tracking/WatchingJIVE-45542S27.0.2"Following in..." text becomes incorrect on content, when more than one stream is selected
    Activity,Activity: Following/Tracking/Watching,i18nJIVE-45665S27.0.2Japanese text ibreaks when you click the "Follow" button
    AnalyticsJIVE-36699S26.0.3If you are using Oracle for Analytics, and you have a multi-select user profile field, ETLs may fail
    AnalyticsJIVE-38203S26.0.2,7.0.0Analytics event for following/unfollowing a user is no longer being captured in the Analytics database
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-41016S26.0.0,7.0.0,7.0.1In certain situations, AvatarUserETL may fail with a unique constraint error
    AnalyticsJIVE-41449S17.0.0The day_id upgrade task should only be run once instead of multiple times
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-41718S27.0.0.1Disabled content shows in Content reports
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-42643S2NoneProfile Completion chart always shows Email, Last Logged In, and Member Since at 0%
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-42895S37.0.1CMR "Reports" tab for Places not showing background image shown on other tabs
    AnalyticsJIVE-44271S27.0.1Jive 7.0.1.x: Cloud Analytics should default to "disabled" for Jive Custom and non-cloud sites, otherwise Impact Metrics will not work
    AnalyticsJIVE-44462S17.0.1When you upgrade to Jive 7.0.1.x and you have Oracle, you'll see an error when you view Impact Metrics
    Apps,Apps: Admin Console,Jive Platform APIsJIVE-43196S17.0.0Apps Dashboard in Admin Console Timing Out on Some 7.0 Instances
    AppsJIVE-44536S27.0.2Click-to-launch desktop clients not launching from the app actions drop-down list in user profile
    Architecture,Architecture: DatabaseJIVE-42932S26.0.0,7.0.0Title column in jiveExternalUrl does not support UTF-8 characters in SQL Server
    Architecture,Architecture: ClusteringJIVE-43194S27.0.1Theme not propagating to nodes
    Architecture,Architecture: PerformanceJIVE-43933S26.0.4,7.0.1Increase Tomcat max threads to 40 by default
    Architecture: JavaScript,PeopleJIVE-43629S17.0.1Themed soy template is not consistently applied because of a conflict with a plugin
    Content,Content: TasksJIVE-14615S35.0.3,5.0.4,6.0.5,7.0.2Creating a task in Japanese or Simplified Chinese sets a wrong default date
    Content,Content: DocumentsJIVE-19698S25.0.3,6.0.1,6.0.2,7.0.1When Jive is behind a proxy server, content images are not visible when you select View as PDF
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-27208S14.5.7.1,5.0.0,6.0.0,6.0.1showFollowedPlaces in the Recent Content Widget is slow
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-305575.0.5,6.0.1,7.0.0External Login with Facebook should have Confirm Username enabled automatically
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-307205.0.5,6.0.1External Login with Google should have Confirm Username enabled automatically
    ContentJIVE-30804S26.0.0, is force closing the Spellcheck pop-up
    Content,Content: IdeationJIVE-30834S2NoneThe idea icon is not shown in search page
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-31111S27.0.0Unable to publish an event with default Preferences and Locale set to en_GB
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-34311S2NoneEvent contact details missing while in edit mode
    Content,Content: CommentsJIVE-38870S36.0.2Cannot add images to comments in Documents in user containers
    Content,Content: Blogs / Blog PostsJIVE-39525S26.0.4Blog Feeds - The link of Blog Authors redirects to Not Found page
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-39928S16.0.4,7.0.1, way to access via External Login if guest access is also enabled
    Content,Content: BookmarksJIVE-40119S26.0.2Can't create the title of the bookmark which has characters in Japanese (title is garbled)
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-40259S27.0.1Event invitations are marked already read in the Inbox
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-40292S27.0.1When the Start Time or End Time are incomplete you can't create an event, but the error message is not shown
    ContentJIVE-40534S26.0.2Issues converting code snippet to PDF
    Content,Content: VideoJIVE-40640NoneUpdates to Twistage Endpoints Protocol and Domains
    Content,Content: Blogs / Blog PostsJIVE-40669S2NoneCannot add a System/Personal Blog while editing a custom activity stream
    Content,Content: Admin ConsoleJIVE-40674S27.0.1page.ftl now links to an external stylesheet which will not work for air gapped customers
    Content,Content: VideoJIVE-40749S27.0.1view-video.ftl points to http javascript which causes insecure content messages
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-41095S27.0.1Events date picker not honoring user Locale
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-41123S27.0.0.1Hidden events are not visible to full admins, only the creator
    Content,Content: DiscussionsJIVE-41238S26.0.4Having a userid ban set prevents guest posting on discussions
    Content,Content: Document ConversionJIVE-41542S26.0.2.1Search result details/preview shows Japanese characters as question marks for uploaded files
    Content,Content: CommentsJIVE-41607S26.0.2Japanese auto-title is not rendering correctly if the URL is pasted onto a Status Update's comment via Activity Stream
    Content,Content: DiscussionsJIVE-41970S26.0.4,, user can edit any reply to a discussion they create in default space
    ContentJIVE-42000S27.0.1Users with fully numeric usernames are not able to be added as authors of documents
    ContentJIVE-42076S26.0.4,7.0.1When a user tries to publish content and it can't be validated, a general error is displayed instead of a form validation message.
    ContentJIVE-42204S27.0.1,6.0.5Links to comments in content lead to the root content piece
    Content,Content: VideoJIVE-42529S2NoneService URLs should be constructed dynamically rather than being startup constants
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-42533S27.0.1Can't share events with external contributors or invite them to events
    Content,Content: DiscussionsJIVE-42535S17.0.1Discussion should contain the number of decisions that it has
    Content,Content: UpgradesJIVE-42564S17.0.2Upgrades > "True up columns and indexes" task is failing
    Content,Content: Social Media SharingJIVE-42607S17.0.1Can't disable social sharing
    Content,Content: Structured OutcomesJIVE-42620S2NoneTake Ownership link is missing in outcome marked as action
    Content,Content: TasksJIVE-42680S27.0.0.1Can't delete personal tasks from bottom up
    Content,Content: DiscussionsJIVE-42774S27.0.1Marking a reply as both correct and helpful shows the question as Answered but no answer is shown in the original post.
    Content,Content: DocumentsJIVE-42797S26.0.2,7.0.0When document content types are disallowed, uploading a permitted content type with an uppercase file extension fails
    Content,Content: Structured OutcomesJIVE-42838S17.0.0.1Sorting content by Likes not working on Oracle
    ContentJIVE-42876S27.0.0,7.0.1Some places where you can upload static files do not clearly message that the files are accessible on the Internet
    Content,Content: Structured OutcomesJIVE-42925S27.0.0.1Error inserting null locale into jiveRenderedContent
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-42959S27.0.1Emailed ics files come in incorrect time/zone when locale is IST
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-42979S26.0.5,7.0.2Inserted hyperlinks with special characters are not displayed correctly within formattedText widget.
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-43061S37.0.0.1Registering an external login using Yahoo! imports a distorted profile image
    ContentJIVE-43202S26.0.4Manage Community User Can See "Create" Links
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-43207S27.0.1For authenticated user, urls like /login.jsa?referer=foo do not redirect to referer uri
    Content,Content: BrowsingJIVE-432237.0.1Browse : Replace 'Jive Genius' with 'Recommended'
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-43227S26.0.5,7.0.2External Login settings tab not showing providers
    Content,Content: TaggingJIVE-43232S27.0.1Tags get doubled when toggling between Specific People and In a Place
    Content,Content: UpgradesJIVE-43437S17.0.2Upgrades > "Alter Jive External URL Table" is failing for Oracle
    Content,Content: UpgradesJIVE-43447S17.0.2Upgrade task "True up columns and indexes" is failing in MySQL
    Content,Content: Structured OutcomesJIVE-43545S27.0.1Mark for action with a user with numeric username assigns it to the user with that username as a userid
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-43743S27.0.2Japanese - Incorrect date format after date is changed for Events
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-43821S17.0.1Events plugin upgrade fails with SQL server 2008
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-43937S2NoneWhen adding a calendar event, the .ics file time stamp doesn't reflect the time zone associated with the user's locale
    ContentJIVE-44048S26.0.5,7.0.2Incorrect Japanese translation in popup calendar when selecting start/end dates
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-44241S27.0.1If SAML Group sync is enabled and Assertion is missing group attribute, login fails
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-44463S27.0.2External Login - Accept Terms&Conditions asked twice
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-44531S27.0.2'Enforce required profile fields' option is affecting SAML - It shouldn't
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-44614S27.0.2Multi Select Profile Fields don't work with External Login registration
    Content,Content: IdeationJIVE-45108S17.0.1Ideation upgrade fails on Oracle because of "AS" statement
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-45400S17.0.1Image Navigation Widgets no longer getting deleted in background
    Content,Content: AnnouncementsJIVE-42741S2NoneAccented letters converted to HTML when system announcements are moved or expired
    Content,Content: DiscussionsJIVE-42387S27.0.0, an admin marks a guest user's discussion as a question, it generates an unexpected error
    Content,Content: IdeationJIVE-41025S26.0.3.1Idea owner is unable to delete the idea unless they are group admin or have "manage group" permisisons
    Content,Content: IdeationJIVE-42532S27.0.1Unable to search for external contributor when sharing idea
    Content,Content: ModerationJIVE-42255S27.0.1Moderated Ideas are inaccessible until approval
    Content,Content: ModerationJIVE-42977S17.0.0,7.0.1,6.0.5Content is being moderated for users who are in the 'Moderation Controller' -> 'Users Never Moderated' interceptor.
    Content,Content: PollsJIVE-41314S36.0.2,6.0.3,7.0.0Unable to create poll choices with double-byte Characters (DBCS)
    Content,Content: VideoJIVE-42534S27.0.1Unable search for external contributor when sharing video
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-41413S27.0.0.1Image Gallery tile does not work in non root context
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-41639S26.0.3.1"Create an Event" in the Top Rated Content widget throws unexpected error
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-41642S26.0.3.1"Create an Event" in the Top Liked Content widget throws unexpected error
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-42299S27.0.0,7.0.1Can't create Status Update from 'Actions' widget in non-root context
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-43469S3NoneBlack line below carousel image in Chrome
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-43614S27.0.1Unable to add ampersand in hover text of carousel widget
    Content EditorJIVE-43928S36.0.5,7.0.2Japanese Translations cause Table Edit modal to wrap
    Content Editor: LinksJIVE-42762S2NoneIssue displaying Accent Characters in the 'Browse History' tab while inserting a link
    Content EditorJIVE-40641S16.0.4Using Japanese keyboard input causes cursor to return to start of word on IE8
    Content Editor,Content Editor: TablesJIVE-37421S2None"Insert row below" is translated to "Insert row above" in Chinese
    i18nJIVE-39980S37.0.1Spanish – Featured Content: Inconsistent usage
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-38262S2NoneContent extended properties are not deleted when content is deleted
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-38557S27.0.0Core API V3: Object association in stream (Get Association) always returns that an association exists in the stream even if it doesn't
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-39474S16.0.3,7.0.1Content created via the API has unlimited size
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-40768S2NoneRedirect after login may corrupt query params
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: OpenSocial APIJIVE-41128S27.0.0.1,7.0.2Ideas not showing App Actions option in right sidebar
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: OpenSocial APIJIVE-41129S27.0.0.1Events not showing App Actions option in right sidebar
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: OpenSocial APIJIVE-41130S27.0.0.1Videos not showing App Actions option in right sidebar
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-41831S07.0.0You cannot delete an add-on from the User Interface if there are oauth2 tokens
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-41856S27.0.1Create API option to provide full profiles on DM participants
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-41877S27.0.1API V3: NullPointerException while creating a new Outcome specifying a non existent OutcomeType ID
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-42175S27.0.1Need to include Inbox "Notifications" (specifically group invitations) in filtered inbox requests
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-424307.0.0Add a "followingInInbox" flag to inbox items
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-42490S17.0.0POST calls to /streams/{streamID}/associations return 500
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-42547S27.0.0Core API: Null Pointer error when retrieving an action
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-42572S27.0.0Null Pointer error when trying to create a custom stream and Activity Engine is down
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-42874S1NoneWrong image id used in embedded image url in a comment
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-43082S2NoneexecuteBatch API does not adhere to the Accept_Language header
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-43120S27.0.0.1Unable to Install Add-On ... Issue with End User License Agreement in meta.json
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-43301S27.0.1.1Permission level for External Activites content type not being saved
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-43356S17.0.1@mention activity is missing content field
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-43708S27.0.0!apps Crash in IE8 on Windows 7
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-43764S17.0.2When app addon is not running, viewing an app produces page "Unexpected Error"
    Mobile,Mobile: Mobile WebJIVE-41984S27.0.1Can't download binary files if HTTP HEAD requests are not permitted from mobile client
    Mobile,Mobile: PluginJIVE-424697.0.2Mobile plugin should be able to redirect to Android native app
    Mobile,Mobile: Mobile WebJIVE-43229S27.0.0Stream with source "watches" is being incorrectly filtered from stream list
    Mobile,Mobile: Mobile WebJIVE-43272S17.0.1@mentions not showing in mobile web app inbox
    People,People: InvitationsJIVE-32426S26.0.2Document's Specific People feature fails with usernames that contain .com
    People,People: RegistrationJIVE-34659S26.0.0,6.0.3Redirect URL is not tracked through login failures or registration
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-39266S27.0.0,7.0.1"Feature content on your profile" link only appears on content for a social group owner
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-40818S27.0.0.1,7.0.2, to add a direct report in the admin console
    People,People: Authentication / LDAPJIVE-40900S16.0.1Group Memberships not updating correctly when LDAP group sync is done
    People,People: Admin ConsoleJIVE-41382S26.0.4, Password is visible in clear text within the Source Code of the Admin Console
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-419366.0.0,7.0.0Advanced Incoming Email content creation should handle multiple email addresses for one user
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-42129S27.0.0User profile "Recent Activity" displaying as "{0}'s Activity" when viewing site as guest
    People,People: AccessibilityJIVE-42191S27.0.1, and Conditions displays  "An unexpected error has occurred" if jivetermsandcond table is empty
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-42249S27.0.0Guest users are unable to view another user's content when viewing their profile
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-42302S27.0.0User profile shows i18n strings when a user's name is private
    People,People: BrowsingJIVE-42419S26.0.5,7.0.2Profile fields in People filter menus have hyphens instead of spaces and aren't correctly capitalized
    People,People: Tied HouseJIVE-42571S27.0.0.1When default landing page is overriden to /welcome all External Collaborators are shown Unauthorized screen
    People,People: Admin ConsoleJIVE-42615S27.0.1Manage Users permission does not give access to User Summary page
    People,People: ModerationJIVE-42749S37.0.2Missing spaces in moderation text for new users
    People,People: Admin ConsoleJIVE-42763S16.0.4,7.0.1,6.0.5Disabling accounts creation causes unexpected error
    People,People: RegistrationJIVE-42825S27.0.0, profile fields are bypassed when registering with an External Login
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-42849S17.0.0Private email visible in Activity page source after endorsement
    People,People: EmailJIVE-42896S27.0.0,7.0.1New User Welcome Email still contains links to Mobile 2.0 applications that are no longer supported
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-43091S27.0.2Error when viewing Content of a user as a guest
    People,People: Authentication / LDAPJIVE-43147S17.0.1System Errors during authentication when using LdapGroupManager
    People,People: UpgradesJIVE-43176S27.0.1MigrateToExpertiseTagsTask upgrade task can time out for large instances
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-43269S17.0.0When someone endorses you for a skill and you view the Inbox page source, the endorser's private email address is visible
    PeopleJIVE-43485S1NoneUser deletion is failing on mobile devices with push notifications enabled
    People,People: Authentication / LDAPJIVE-43548S17.0.0Spring's LDAP DN parser doesn't handle some characters correctly
    PeopleJIVE-43683S1NoneUser deletion is occasionally failing due to a transaction rolling back
    PeopleJIVE-43807S1NoneWhen a user is deleted, their outcomes are not deleted
    People,People: UpgradesJIVE-43831S17.0.2InvitationCleanupUpgradeTask can fail
    People,People: Tied HouseJIVE-43919S27.0.1External contributor invites another external user (not part of system) by email address - invite not successful
    People,People: Tied HouseJIVE-44007S27.0.0Inbox notification links to old 2.0 versions of Mobile apps
    People,People: RegistrationJIVE-44118S27.0.0Login / Registration text needs changes to support JiveX
    PeopleJIVE-44178S27.0.1.1Attempting to delete user with outcome associated with them will fail
    People,People: RegistrationJIVE-44183NoneRemove "Welcome to Jive" from the login page
    People,People: EmailJIVE-44202S2NoneJiveX - 'User Creation Welcome Email' should leverage community name rather then 'jive'
    People,People: RegistrationJIVE-44631S36.0.4,7.0.1When viewing profile overview custom multiselect profile field, values are displayed without any spacing
    People,People: RegistrationJIVE-44651S16.0.4,7.0.1Multi select custom profile field selections are not persisted as multiple values during new user registration
    PeopleJIVE-44808S27.0.0.1You see a 500 error when not logged into a community
    People,People: RegistrationJIVE-45100S27.0.1Unexpected error while saving registration settings
    PeopleJIVE-45326S26.0.4,7.0.1Timezone entries no longer show GMT offset, or sort by it
    Places,Places: Purposeful PlacesJIVE-35251S27.0.0.1"Add a stream integration" setting exists even if no stream integrations are available
    PlacesJIVE-39621S26.0.3,6.0.4,7.0.1Place tab links are broken when using non-root context like /community or /groups
    PlacesJIVE-40308S27.0.0Background Image for the place header not working in non-root context
    Places,Places: ThemingJIVE-40335S27.0.0Cannot customize overview page (Home Page)
    Places,Places: Site NavigationJIVE-40594S4NoneSmall Create Menu shifts to the left in IE8 when hovering over a hyperlink
    Places,Places: Admin ConsoleJIVE-40756S1NoneProjects and project content not counted in space deletion warning
    Places,Places: SpacesJIVE-41085S26.0.1,, you update a Space display name in the Admin Console, it does not propagate over to other nodes in clustered environment
    Places,Places: WidgetsJIVE-41375S27.0.0, you embed a URL into an HTML widget  via an iframe, and the URL is not fully formatted (http://...), it causes a redirect to jiveURL/(URL in widget)
    Places,Places: ThemingJIVE-41620S2NoneTyping in Bracket characters into a Custom Link name field in the Theme builder will cause each page to generate a System Error
    PlacesJIVE-41712S27.0.0Must enter a place name in order to cancel place creation
    Places,Places: WidgetsJIVE-41799S27.0.1Editing the Watch a Tag widget reveals token instead of value
    Places,Places: Social GroupsJIVE-42012S27.0.0Deleting a group with a populated image gallery results in an error
    Places,Places: ProjectsJIVE-42048S26.0.4, creation impossible when language is set to Hungarian
    Places,Places: WidgetsJIVE-42185S27.0.1Answered Questions widget retains selection for unanswered question
    Places,Places: BrowsingJIVE-42467S2NoneWhen a user is removed and the user's name falls at a page break in People browse, pagination can fail
    PlacesJIVE-42941S17.0.2Upgrade task fails > 'Update integration user column to jivetile Table for existing tiles'
    Places,Places: ThemingJIVE-43058S27.0.0.1Theme tool: Custom Header acts as fixed, reduced header on login page
    Places,Places: SpacesJIVE-43172S26.0.0Disabled users show as Space Administrators in the People page of a Space
    Places,Places: ProjectsJIVE-43231S16.0.2,6.0.4,7.0.1Some projects are being deleted when merging spaces
    Places,Places: Social GroupsJIVE-43480S1NoneUser deletion is failing due to the jsgmem_uid_fk constraint with the jivesgroupmember table
    Places,Places: SpacesJIVE-43514S16.0.4,7.0.1Space administrators cannot merge spaces
    PlacesJIVE-43515S17.0.1Place header background images with spaces in their names cannot be found
    PlacesJIVE-43678S1NoneConflict between subspace named activity, overview, or pages and internal jive urls for those urls
    Places,Places: Social GroupsJIVE-43753S27.0.1A non-admin user cannot invite external user to externally accessible group
    Places,Places: ThemingJIVE-43816S16.0.4,7.0.1HTML tags rendered as plain text in Phrase Substitutions
    Places,Places: Social GroupsJIVE-43926S27.0.0Cannot remove a user from a group when language is set to Russian
    Places,Places: ThemingJIVE-44001S27.0.1Applying a mapped custom theme fails on social groups
    PlacesJIVE-44328S3NonePlace image text is unreadable in Japanese when it wraps
    Places,Places: WidgetsJIVE-44339S27.0.2Incorrect date format in Event Calendar Widget in Japanese
    Places,Places: ProjectsJIVE-44345S16.0.0,7.0.0Requests for an image in a project query all projects, causing slow performance
    Search,Search: UIJIVE-38797S26.0.3.2Search filter includes blog posts when blogs disabled
    Search,Search: UIJIVE-39557S27.0.0Extend Search facets to allow filtering by custom content types
    SearchJIVE-40475S26.0.3,7.0.0RSS Feed for Search results for a Status Update with underscores always returns 0 results
    SearchJIVE-40986S26.0.3,7.0.1Usernames with spaces are not shown in attention stream or search results unless you search by first name or last name only, or the space is removed completely
    Search,Search: Admin ConsoleJIVE-416886.0.0,7.0.0Show languages supported for Search in Admin Console or Set Up process
    Search,Search: UIJIVE-42513S3NoneSearch page (not search itself) broken as a result of unhandled case of user info for content posted from external source
    Search,Search: UIJIVE-42820S27.0.1Disabling Structured Outcomes does not remove filters from search