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    The following is some info related to Jive's ability to connect with Salesforce OOTB for creating cases.  I'll update it further soon but as there have been a few questions from community members about this feature I thought I'd at least highlight a few pics that convey the great integration capabilities we offer for cases in JiveX.


    The short summary

    In Jive:CRM 1.png

    • Cases created  (auto, manual or give customers permission to create)
    • Critical data sent to CRM
    • Customer can view status
    • Closed case can be pushed out as an answer in Jive

    In the CRM:

    • View and reply to cases
    • Search Jive
    • Convert solved cases into Jive KB articles

    In Addition:

    • Jive content appears in  CRM search results
    • You can leverage your  CRM as your IDP


    The picture on the right is one where a case is being created from a question in the community.  This could happen automatically or a service rep could be doing it.


    Additional details and capabilities

    From the case creation in Jive (under the create menu, if the customer has the right permissions granted), to the case now being created in Salesforce, to having a link back to the question within Salesforce.  See the pic below -

    CRM 3.png

    Private support areas where customers can create their own cases.  There's actually a template you can choose now when creating the area.  You can leverage the template as-is or modify it and save it as your master premium/white glove support area template.  See pic below -

    CRM 2.png


    Federated search - i.e., search results from Jive accessible within the CRM systems - is supported both within cases as well as within a new tab at the top level nav.  See the 2 pics below for examples.

    CRM 4.png


    CRM 5.png


    The knowledgebase sync allows you to pick and choose which knowledge articles you want to push to Jive and exactly where you want to push them.

    CRM 6.png