Version 1
    ComponentProblem IDSeverityVersions First Seen InRelease Notes Title
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-42643S2NoneProfile Completion chart always shows Email, Last Logged In, and Member Since at 0%
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-41718S27.0.0.1Disabled content shows in Content reports
    Analytics,Analytics: Data ExportJIVE-41469S2NoneCMR "Reports" tab for Places not showing background image shown on other tabs
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-41016S26.0.0,7.0.0,7.0.1In certain situations, AvatarUserETL may fail with a unique constraint error
    AnalyticsJIVE-36699S26.0.3If you are using Oracle for Analytics, and you have a multi-select user profile field, ETLs may fail