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    There may be times when you need to force a user to become a member of a Social Group, and you do not want to first invite the user and then wait for them to accept the invitation to the group.  One way to get a user to become a member of a Social Group is through the use of a Jive v3 API call. This is also an alternative to functionality that was previously a part of an un-supported extension called Admin Essentials Plugin, which is no longer available for Jive.



    • Verified for Jive versions: 6, 7, Cloud
    • Verified for API versions: v3



    Core API v3.x

    Using a Rest Client


         "person" : "{personID}",

         "state" : "member"




    Using Curl

    curl -u {username}:{password} -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{ "person": "{userid}", "state": "member" }'{placeID}



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