Version 10

    The ability to create content is one of the most important things you can do to take advantage of the AureaWorks community - asking questions, sharing tips, giving advice on newly discovered workarounds to help your peers among other activities.


    How to Create Content

    There are a couple different ways you can create content here in the community.

    • The pencil icon. This is probably the easiest way to create content. It is always in the top right corner of your persistent navigation menu. Click on it to see a variety of options:

    • The Action menu from a place. When you are in a place - space, group, project - you can click on Actions in the right side of the menu bar which will show you a list of content types available in that particular space. Each place can have it's own permissions so you may not be able to post a blog in one place, but may be able to in another place.  If you select blog post from the pencil icon menu and try to publish it in a location that doesn't allow blog posts, you will be unable to select that place as an option.


    Tips for Creating Content

    • Asking a question. When creating discussions - the most used content type by AureaWorks users - by default it is posted as a question. If you would like to mark it as a discussion rather than a question, make sure to deselect the box marking the discussion as a question while you are creating the discussions:

    • Asking in the correct space. As you are creating a new piece of content, you will see the option to place where your content gets posted. By default, it will select the place you are currently in. If you would like to change it, hit change and type in the name of the place you want to publish your content. It's easy to make a mistake and post in the wrong place if you don't double check where the default is set.



    The Main Types of Content



    Also known as 'threads'. As one of the most used content types in AureaWorks, Discussions are used to start a conversation about something. If you need to ask a question, get suggestions, voice an opinion, work something out, or report a problem or observation, a Discussion should be your tool. They can also actually be marked as a Question, which gives the creator the ability to mark a reply as Correct Answer later, which is worth points!



    Often referred to simply as 'doc(s)' and probably the other most used type of content in AureaWorks, Documents get used - usually by Aurea employees - for a myriad of things. You will see docs used when Aurea posts updates or a living doc that gets more information posted as time goes on - so you can see when the latest modification has happened. Documents are meant to be used for concepts that will stick around for a while, and are more about presenting information than debating it.



    If you want to express something in narrative form, e.g. you're telling a story, you should create a blog. AureaWorks members and employees alike use blogs to do things like share major accomplishments or announce something important (such as a sneak peek of upcoming features). Blogging is also the primary form of communication that our executives use to reach our AureaWorks community members.



    You can bookmark any content in AureaWorks, and even sites outside it. When you want to look at that content again later, you can find it by clicking in the search box at the top of any page and selecting Bookmarked. You'll see a list of your recent bookmarks, and an option to Show All which lets you toggle between a complete list of Your bookmarks and All, which shows public bookmarks from everyone in the community (except what you don't have access to see). Bookmarks can also be found on your Profile under More > Bookmarks.



    It doesn't really get more simple than a Status Update. Use this basic feature to post a quick note about what you're working on, something you're excited about, or even something you're struggling with. If you're going to be out of the office, it's a great idea to post a Status Update to keep others aware. Most status updates get posted to the whole AureaWorks community, but you can post to a specific place if it's more relevant there.



    A message is a private conversation between you and the person or people you select. For privacy reasons, the only way you can Direct Message someone is if 1) you follow the person you want to message and 2) that person follows you back. Functionality is on par with a Status Update and doesn't have all the same features as a Discussion, so keep that in mind. Messages are essentially a replacement to a basic email and are great for a quick back and forth with your audience. Unlike Discussions and other content types that can be posted to various places, Messages reside solely in your Inbox. You'll also hear these referred to as DM (Direct Message) or PM (Private Message).


    Upload File

    Use this to upload an Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint deck, Word doc, or just about any other content type. A preview of the uploaded file will be visually displayed in AureaWorks, and other members can download the file to use it elsewhere or edit it. This is helpful for Jive customers collaborating with their Aurea team in their private support group when sharing information.



    Note: Polls are disabled for AureaWorks members in nearly all places in the community except some groups / your own groups, but you may see some employees posting polls for you to engage in.

    These are a simple way to ask a multiple choice question and get answers - you choose the question, add as many answers as you'd like, and as the poll progresses, the results get shown graphically.



    Note: Events are disabled for AureaWorks members in nearly all places in the community except some groups / your own groups, but you may see some employees posting events that you can attend.

    Events aren't used so much for booking meetings but are a great way to broadcast an occasion that you want a lot of visibility on. These can be created on an invite-only basis, or accessible to a larger audience based on what place you create them in. Set one up any time you want to propose a gathering or even post notice that something is happening. You will usually see events being used in the community to let you know about an upcoming event with a link to register on another page.



    Note: Video is disabled for AureaWorks members in nearly all places in the community except some groups / your own groups, but you may see some employees posting videos.

    Jive allows you to post videos just about anywhere and in a couple different ways. When you're writing or editing most content types, you can add a video inline with the rest of your piece via the editor toolbar and insert one from the web or your computer. The Video content type is for when you want to post a video and have that be the sole focus. This method allows you to upload a video from your computer, embed one from the web, or record a new one on your webcam.



    Note: Ideas are disabled for AureaWorks members in nearly all places in the community except some groups / your own groups.

    Ideas are sort of like polls in that you can post a thought you have on ways to change or improve something, and users can vote on it, but it can only be voted up or down and there are no multiple choice options.



    Rules for Content Creation

    We are fairly flexible about what you want to say in the AureaWorks community. That said, if your intent is to post non-Aurea or non-social community content, link out to your unrelated web site, invite people to non-Aurea events or generally create Spam, your account will be deactivated without notice. You've been warned. So please read the Terms and Conditions and the Zero Tolerance Spam Policy before proceeding.