First Steps to Creating Content

Version 6

    As a new user, you might be asking yourself "what should I do next?" and "how can I start to involve myself in discussions or by blogging?"


    If this is your first time in the Jive Community, then you should read and complete the steps in Three Things to Do First. Once you've got your profile up and running and have joined a group or two, then you are ready for your next steps.


    First Steps to Creating Content:

    • Start or join a discussion. If you are a community manager, you'll find great discussions to join in Internal Communities and External Communities. Developers will find great content in the Developer group.
      Do you have a discussion topic or question burning inside you that could be answered in JiveWorks? Think about the best place to post the discussion, search to see if a topic or group already exists, and if not, start your own!
    • Update your status. This is a simple way to tell people where you are today or what you are doing. Your status update will appear in the Activity Feed for people that are following you. Better yet, post a status update in a specific group targeted on what your update is about!
    • Write your own blog. I know, it's a big step. Take a subject that you are passionate about and write a short story or share your personal opinion about it. Then post it in a Group that is related to the subject. By posting it in a group, it will get out to your followers as well as to the people following the group! It's a beautiful thing. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. I give you permission.


    Rules for Content Creation

    We are fairly flexible about what you want to say in the Jive Community. That said, if your intent is to post non-Jive or non-social community content, link out to your unrelated web site, invite people to non-Jive events or generally create Spam, your account will be deactivated without notice. You've been warned. So please read the Terms and Conditions and the Zero Tolerance Spam Policy before proceeding.


    Now that you've taken your first steps to content creation, explore the Jive training content available here: Jive Training


    For more Tips and Tricks on using the Jive Community, check out Tips and Tricks for the Jive Community