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    How do I wrap the Jive for iOS app with MobileIron or Good Dynamics?


    Jive will provide you access to the ipa in the Jive community: Group: Jive Mobile Release Binaries | Jive Community. Download the latest ipa version and work with your MDM provider on the wrapping process.


    Jive will not provide a wrapped version of the mobile application. Your MDM provider will be responsible for supplying the wrapped mobile app.


    Jive does not support the wrapping of the Jive for iOS mobile app or the Jive for iOS app itself when it is wrapped. The wrapping must be done by the customer or through a paid services engagement. If an issue is discovered with the wrapped mobile app, then Jive will only attempt to reproduce and fix the issue in an unwrapped state.


    How do I resign the app after making property changes or wrapping the Jive for iOS app?


    Follow the instructions provided in Group: Jive Mobile Release Binaries | Jive Community.


    Jive Support does not help or debug issues with app signing or wrapping the app.


    If you do not have the resources within your company to do app signing, the Jive Professional Services organization can provide a paid engagement to help with signing. If you are interested in starting a new engagement with Professional Services then please reach out to your account manager to establish the next steps.


    Resources for help with code signing


    Apple Developer Technical Support:


    Getting in contact with Apple

    How to Contact Us - Apple Developer


    Who should I contact when my wrapped Jive for iOS app has issues?


    First always test the app without the wrapper, if you do not have access to an environment that is accessible without the wrapper, please contact support to provide access to a Jive cloud instance for testing the app. The Welcome | Jive Community, although an external community would be an example where you try the unwrapped version of the app. The unwrapped version can be download from the Apple App Store.


    After you tested the app without the wrapper and you do not experience any issues, you should contact your MDM provider for wrapping.


    Any issues that occur after wrapping the iOS app should be logged with your MDM provider. Jive cannot assist with issues in the MDM wrapper. This includes any issues related to push notifications.


    This information has been provided by Good Technology regarding best practices for requesting support:

    The usual approach is for those customers to get in touch with their internal help desk, who would have an account with Good Support. Their help desk can then help them open a ticket with the Good online portal or call it in on the Good customer support phone line.

    Good Technology customer support, email to:


    What about wrapping the Android app?


    Currently we do not support wrapping the Jive for Android 3.0.0 app with Good Dynamics. We never provide wrapped versions of the mobile apps, the wrapper technology should be provided by your MDM provider to make sure the wrapping server and wrapping client are in sync in your environment.


    What about wrapping with an MDM that is not Good Dynamics or MobileIron.


    The same support and troubleshooting processes apply with other MDM services. Customers may wrap the iOS app, but Jive will not help with debugging if issues occur after wrapping.