Version 7
    "Translations" is a simple macro that will insert a small div with flags on it into the document.  When you click on of the flags, a new window will open with the translated version of the current page.  Right now, it is using Google as the translation engine, and is fixed at having English as the original language.


    A few features that are still to come:





    • Defining which languages are available to translate to

    • Defining the original language as something other then English

    • Showing text links instead of flag images

    • Using translation engines other then Google


















    Source and binaries are attached, Comments are welcome.


    Update: The original binaries were built with JDK 1.6, which does not seem to be backwards compatible.  The new plugin binary is built with 1.5, which should allow people to actually run it on most systems.


    Clearspace 1.X Plugin Files Are Attached Below