Version 19

    Hey all,


    Attached is a plugin that will map (on a separate tab in your community) all of the content authors in a community.  You can see the location of all bloggers, document authors, discussion authors, or all authors on a Google Map.   Geo location is looked up using MaxMind's free geo lite city database which is updated every month; geo information is gathered and saved automatically each time a user logs in so it stays current.  Before using the map go to the Map tab in the admin and store a Google Maps key (also free) that you can get at .


    10/27 update: Thanks to Dawn the complete (and big) plugin and src files are attached.  99% of the size is due to the geo lite city database.  To use the plugin put it in your jiveHome/plugin directory then go to the "Map" tab in the Clearspace admin and enter your Google Maps key.  As authors login you'll begin seeing them on the map.  Note:  The plugin requires Clearspace 1.7 or higher.  I had to use a couple of APIs/functions only available in this release.


    Now that I'm well rested I've thought of some improvements to the plugin.  Let me know what you think.


    UI/function  improvements:


    1. Option for each user not to appear on the map. Should it be off by default?


    2. Option for each user to override the latitude/longitude set automatically when they login.      This would be useful for authors that want to be appear in just one location regardless of where they're really located and for use in a company intranet when everyone has one of a few IPs.  Should  this be configurable from the admin (Personally I wouldn't want people faking out their location in an external community)?


    3. Admin option to set the default latitude/longitude of the map center  and the default zoom level.  That would be useful when you know your communities are located in a small geographical area.


    4. Show more information in the map popup for each author.  Possibly make this configurable from the admin.

    I decided to go with minimal information to start with and get feedback on what users want.


    Code improvements


    1. Come up with a different way to get the authors in a community.  Currently the plugin is using the Community getXXX methods with a filter but I don't know if this will work well in a community with 100K discussion threads.  I've looked at using the search instead and also have considered starting a task on plugin init that builds up a singleton list of authors for each community and then just incrementally updates it much like how search works.  I'm not sure how to do this in a cluster-aware fashion though, I think Jive forums has cluster-aware tasks and would want to use that in CS.   Is this too much overhead for a map plugin and/or is it over-engineering the problem?







    Clearspace 1.X Plugin Files Are Attached Below