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    I'm pleased to share that SolarWinds is looking for our new director of community to drive our global community program, specifically as the leader of thwack, the SolarWinds customer community platform.


    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTOhQCF_BrxWJ3KznRXJrGviySB-LjCZznEtd-5GxJ797IIbRL39AQualified candidates will be successful practitioners using community platforms such as those based on Jive External or Lithium at large scale in technical audiences.  Candidates must be highly technical, operational, and creative, understand the needs of IT customers and can generate and execute on innovative “breakout” community and social marketing ideas.  These ideas will focus on successfully helping customers, with the right content, in the right way, at the right time, inside the thwack community.  They will need to execute operationally and move the needle on a weekly basis to achieve near term business outcomes with accountable results including overall thwack membership growth (both SolarWinds customers and non-customers) and engagement in the community.  The candidate will also be skilled enough to plan longer range content and thwack technical programs that drive scalable long-term success. The Director of Community will demonstrate a solid understanding of an overall customer experience/ retention plan that will drive customer relationship growth across all channels and increase customer affinity via the thwack social channel.  The environment is fast paced and the candidate must possess the organizational, operational, and leadership skills to manage multiple projects with tight deadlines effectively.


    More information about the job posting and application submission can be found here:

    SolarWinds - Careers - Director, Community


    About SolarWinds:

    SolarWinds (NYSE:SWI) provides powerful and affordable IT management software to more than 100,000 customers worldwide– from Fortune 500 enterprises to small businesses. Focused on the real-world needs of IT professionals, SolarWinds products are downloadable, easyto use and maintain, and provide the power, scale, and flexibility needed to manage today’s complex IT environments. SolarWinds’ growing online community, thwack,is a gathering-place for problem-solving, technology-sharing, and participating in product development for all of SolarWinds’ products.


    At SolarWinds, we are fanatical about putting our users first in everything we do. We strive every day to deliver powerful functionality that is easy to use with one of the fastest and longest lasting ROIs in the market.

    Our approach is to deliver "unexpected simplicity" and redefine the expectations IT Pros have for enterprise software.

    Simply put, we work to:

    • Eliminate the complexity found in traditional enterprise software – making it easier to find, buy, deploy and maintain.
    • Connect with our community – using daily interactions with our large, global user community to guide our product development and strategy.
    • Constantly evolve our products – ensuring that our software is on point to meet the most important problems that IT Pros have today, and continues to deliver increasing value over the lifetime of ownership.


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