Version 2

    BANT Qualification

    Following are the quick BANT questions. Proceed into detailed BANT where needed:

    • Tell me more about your initiative.
    • What business needs are driving this project?
    • What type of technology or applications are being evaluated?
    • How are you involved in this project? What is your role?
    • Who owns this project from the business side? Technology?

    B-BudgetIdentify funding or a project allocation

      • What steps are required for you to designate a project?
      • Do you have a budget in place for this initiative?
      • Yes - See if you can prod a little to find out what it is, or throw out base pricing and ask if it is within budget.
      • No - Do you have an idea of how much you'd like to invest in this project? or...
      • No - If they are a really small company or you have a feeling they're out of market, throw out base pricing toward the beginning of the conversation to quickly unqualify.

         A-AuthorityIdentify access to decision-maker or committee of influencers

      • Who owns this project from the business side? Technology?
      • Does this project have an executive support? Or is it more grassroots? Where would the executive support likely come from?
      • Whose support would you need to win in order to approve a community implementation?
      • What is your role in this initiative (project lead, research, etc.)?
      • Where will decisions and ultimately payments come from (geographically - to determine account manager)?
      • Who else would be involved?

          N-NeedIdentify potential business or technology need for Jive solutionsBusiness needs:

      • What social collaboration solutions are currently used today? How is that working?
      • What challenges do you have collaborating today?
      • What particular business pains are you looking to address?
      • What's driving this initiative and what are your next steps?
      • What prompted your interest in Jive?
      • Are you aligning your social business software launch with any other event? Website redesign, event, etc.?

    Technology needs:

      • What kind of community are you looking to build? Employee, Customer, Partner community?
      • Internal - How many users/employees?
        • Is this an enterprise-wide deployment, or a particular team/department at first?
      • External - Do you have an idea of how large your community would be?
        • Who is this community for? Customers, partners, industry experts, enthusiasts, etc.
      • Hosted or On-Prem? (Public Cloud or Private Cloud)
      • Do you already have a solution in place that you are looking to replace/upgrade, or is this a brand new initiative?
      • What other solutions are you looking at this time?

    T-TimelineTimeframe for evaluation or project identified

      • What timeline you are working on for this project?
      • Give me an idea of your pace... do you have goal dates for implementation/deployment?

    Helpful Assets: