Version 9

    Follow These Five Channels to help you navigate the many channels of information available from Aurea both here in AureaWorks and on the Internet, we've compiled this list of suggestions:


    Jive Software Status Updates

    Bookmark and subscribe to updates to get immediate updates concerning Jive Software issues impacting operations including PHX / AMS datacenters, AureaWorks, Cloud Analytics, Bunchball, Jive Rewards, Cloud Search, Jive Video and more.


    Jive Software Documentation

    Bookmark this site to get technical documentation for end users, community managers and system administrators for Jive Cloud and Hosted / On-Prem (for the past three releases).


    Jive Customer Hub

    Follow this place in AureaWorks to get updates on upcoming releases, webinars and more. Are you a customer but unable to view the link? Please see Are you a customer? Request customer-only access today


    Jive Interactive Intranet

    Follow this place in AureaWorks to get updates on current releases.


    MyJive Secret Support Group

    Read this document to learn how to get access to your MyJive support group, where you can submit support cases and connect with your account representative. If you are already a member make sure to bookmark the URL for quick access.


    Please note that your primary form of communication regarding Cloud upgrades and/or outages will be via email to the admins and community managers indicated for your site.


    Check out Comprehensive Guide to AureaWorks Places for the full list of places to visit in the AureaWorks community.