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    The faizod is a service provider for social collaboration platforms. We are specialized in customizations for medium and large scale companies as well as the integration of third-party solutions into Jive.


    For almost 6 years we successfully realized Jive projects in various industrial sectors such as telecommunication, automotive, finance and insurance. In sum, these projects are used by about 250’000 Jive users in Germany.


    For multiple clients we faced the challenge to connect more than one user-repository (LDAP/AD) to Jive. While Jive (out of the box) supports only one user-repository, it is possible to implement customizations, which allow multi-user-repository integration. These plugins or overlays are usually tailored to the customer needs and come with a heavy price tag. Additionally customized solutions are often not compatible with future Jive releases.


    To solve the multi-user-repository integration problem with Jive we realized a scalable software switch.  Our solution offers a single connection to Jive while multiple user repositories can be connected to the switch. Towards Jive all connected user repositories are presented as a single aggregated repository. The repositories can be based on LDAP (e.g. AD or openLDAP) or other protocols such as SAP-RFC. Currently unsupported or proprietary repositories can be connected by implementing additional connectors for the switch.




    Example use cases:



    Connect Jive to many user repositories:


    Zeichnungen 14.jpg





    Self registration process for external communitys / one central user repository is only readable, a second repository is writable:

    Zeichnungen 18 a.jpg

    Jive Cloud integration:

    Zeichnungen 15.jpg




    Aggregation of user data from different user repositories:

    Zeichnungen 16.jpg




    Jive itself as user and group repository:

    Zeichnungen 17.jpg




    For more information find attached our whitepapers:


    Marketing Paper

    Technical Data Paper




    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!


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