Version 3

    Are you a first-timer at JiveWorld?


    Coming back to JiveWorld for the second, third, or more times?


    We want to enable people to find a JiveWorld buddy!


    Here's how it works:


    1. Post a comment to this thread with the following details:
      • Your name
      • Your role (internal community manager, developer, etc)
      • Company size
      • Where you are in the Jive implementation process (prospective customer, new customer, ongoing customer, partner, consultant)
      • Conference style: pick one... Party Animal, Small Group Lover, Quiet Happy Hour Gal, Last Call Dude
    2. Find a buddy from the comments that sounds interesting or where you think you might be a good match.
    3. Send that person a message or respond to their comment. Figure out where to meet face-to-face (F2F for text short-hand)
    4. Figure out a way to meet in person at JiveWorld14! Meet for drinks in the Chandelier Bar or coffee in the hotel lounge. 
      • HINT: One great place to meet your buddy F2F is at the "How to Survive JiveWorld" discussion on Tuesday at 4pm (Oct. 21) in the Boot Camp area (this discussion is open to everyone!)


    In the famous words of Linda Richman (Mike Myers of Saturday Night Live...) "Talk amongst yourselves..."