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    The Director of Community will drive our global community program, specifically as the leader of thwack, the SolarWinds customer community platform.  Qualified candidates will be successful practitioners using community platforms such as those based on Jive External or Lithium at large scale in technical audiences.  Candidates must be highly technical, operational, and creative, understand the needs of IT customers and can generate and execute on innovative “breakout” community and social marketing ideas.  These ideas will focus on successfully helping customers, with the right content, in the right way, at the right time, inside the thwack community.  They will need to execute operationally and move the needle on a weekly basis to achieve near term business outcomes with accountable results including overall thwack membership growth (both SolarWinds customers and non-customers) and engagement in the community.  The candidate will also be skilled enough to plan longer range content and thwack technical programs that drive scalable long-term success. The Director of Community will demonstrate a solid understanding of an overall customer experience/ retention plan that will drive customer relationship growth across all channels and increase customer affinity via the thwack social channel.  The environment is fast paced and the candidate must possess the organizational, operational, and leadership skills to manage multiple projects with tight deadlines effectively.


    - Create programs to successfully assist and educate our customers after product purchase in ways that are contextually relevant and deliver the right content in the right manner at the right time inside the thwack community.

    - Develop targeted multi-touch, multi-dimensional campaigns that help our customers solve problems which lead them to purchase additional SolarWinds products or upgrade the products that they currently own by devising programs in thwack for education and engagement, while also facilitating connections into thwack from other marketing programs.

    - Devise programs inside thwack which lead to easier renewal sales cycles and renewals ahead of out of maintenance deadlines.

    - Create a detailed and rigorously managed community calendar such that content development and communications are strategic and fire drills are kept to a minimum.

    - Create innovative ways within the community to segment the customer base and deliver them contextually relevant content and calls to action.

    - Own all strategies related to the online SolarWinds customer forum known as our Thwack community

    - Lead the development of the community roadmap and have thorough understanding of the technologies that enable it and enhance its capabilities long term

    - Cross functionally lead the internal SolarWinds development teams and outside consulting firms on the maintenance and enhancement of the community from a technical features and operational excellence perspective.

    - Create metrics and measurements for community marketing and thwack including membership, engagement, and contribution to sales.

    - Develop and implement ways to increase engagement within the community leading to more sales into the installed base.



    - 10 plus years marketing and/or community management experience, primarily in IT software related technology companies including those that are providing networking, systems, virtualization, database, or security software.

    - Bachelor’s degree in engineering, software concentration from a four-year university is required; MBA highly preferred

    - Familiarity with B2B marketing and technical customers, openness to social technologies for customer engagement

    - Sufficient technical depth in Social technologies to guide the future evolution of the underlying thwack software platform.

    - Ability to work strongly with cross-functional teams, primarily in marketing, customer service, support and sales.

    - Able to multi-task in a high-intensity, fast-paced environment. Must be deadline oriented and take full ownership of responsibilities.

    - Exceptional writing, editing, and verbal communication skills

    - Energy, initiative, imagination, and adaptability


    If you are interested, apply at Careers - SolarWinds