Version 1

    This is a sample addon to help write an External Storage Provider for ESF.  This storage provider stores the files on the file system and is not a production ready piece of code but good to get ideas on how to get going with writing an ESP using the Jersey SDK.


    For more information on the Jersey SDK see the blog here : Announcing the Jive SDK (Java) Jersey Edition on GitHub Open Source


    Some notes on the state of this code:

    • Upload, download, new version, delete, restore version, delete version etc all working for binary files.
    • Upload, download, delete all working for attachments.
    • Health check working.
    • Register place with choice of (numeric) folder name to store the files in.
    • I had to add a dependency to the pom for uploading files (MultiPartFeature).
    • I also added a request log (will appear under target folder) to help debug.


    • This is currently security free, it can be called directly and does not authenticate.