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    I imagine Community Roundtable or other organizations might have something like this but I am curious as to the head count of resources for social collaboration at your company.

    Might you share?


    It would greatly help us assess org structure and staffing needs. Thank you!


    IndustryCompany Name
    Current Community Size, Internal/External
    Dept(s) Leading SocBizHead Count, FT/PT
    and Position
    Financial ServicesFirst American12,000 InternalCorp Marketing & Communications

    1 FT - Ent Comm Mgr

    1 PT - Internal Comm Mgr

    1 PT - AVP Digital Mktg

    (Both PT are less than 1/3 of job)

    JCS consultants


    40,000 Internal Community

    15,000 Bridged External Community

    People/Corporate Affairs/Technology

    1 FT Head of Internal Community & Collaboration

    1 FT Community Manager

    1 FT Technical Lead

    1 PT Technical Support

    TelecommunicationsDIRECTV10,000 InternalCorporate Communications, HR

    4 Business

    7 IT

    Out of the 11, 8 are PT

    JCS consultants

    Financial ServicesUndisclosed60,000 InternalTechnology

    1 FT Ent Comm Mgr

    1 FT Software Platform Lead

    1 FT Business Systems expert

    1 FT Tech Lead

    2 FT Tech Developer consultants

    Health insuranceAetna50,000 internalTechnology

    1 FT Ent Comm Mgr

    1 FT Tech Lead

    2 PT comm team member

    EducationBCIT3,000 InternalInformation Technology

    1 FT Comm Mgr

    1 PT Comm Mgr

    2 PT Techs

    Developers (as needed)

    Technology/e-commerceUndisclosed12,000 InternalCommunications, Technology

    1 FT Tech Lead

    1 FT Tech/Proj Mgr, Community Manager

    2 PT Communications