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    When a new Jive site is initially created it can be configured to be either an Internal or External instance. There are different default configuration options that get set for your site depending on the type of instance specified.  Most of the configuration settings are related to permissions or privacy options.



    • Verified for versions: Jive Custom 6, 7




    Below is a high level list of some of the most impactful and important differences between a site that is configured to be internal and one that is external.


    The major difference is that the permissions and privileges are much more open on an internal site - allowing the community manager the ability to later take away these permissions. An external site starts with less permissions by default, and the community manager has the ability to choose which individuals and groups may need more privileges.




    Profile Security Level

    In an internal instance, there are more options for security levels.  These include 'Everyone (including guests),' 'Colleagues,' 'Connections,' and 'Connections & Colleagues'In an external instance, the security level groups are consolidated into broader categories.  All of the 'Colleagues,' and 'Collections' security levels are grouped into the label 'Friends.'
    Profile Security Level LabelingInternally, there is a security setting labeled 'Everyone except external contributors.'This is the exact same level as the label 'All registered users except external contributors.'
    Profile FieldThere are more fields available on an internal site.  These are 'Department,' 'Address,' 'Home Phone Number,' 'Mobile Phone Number,' Hire Date,' and 'Alternate Email.'
    User AvatarUsers have the ability to choose their own custom avatarUsers don't by default have the permissions to choose their avatar
    Org ChartThe Org Chart is available on user profilesNo Org Chart is displayed
    System Level and Social Group BlogGranted to all registered users by defaultDefault sets all registered users without this permission
    Root Space PermissionSet to 'create' on default for all registered users, allowing for content creationSet to 'discuss' on default for all registered users, disallowing creation but still allowing replies
    Social Group PermissionsGranted to all registered users on defaultRestricted for all registered users on default
    Home Page PermissionsGranted to all registered and partner users on defaultRestricted for all registered and partner users on default
    Guests AllowedDefault to noDefault to yes
    Full Names DisplayedDefault to trueDefault to false
    Projects EnabledDefault to trueDefault to false
    Invitations EnabledDefault to falseDefault to true
    Welcome PageDefault to offDefault to true


    In Jive Custom, the default permission items and site options can be changed through the admin console and by setting various system properties. Once a site has been created, there is no way to automatically 'convert' an instance from an Internal configuration to External, or vice versa. Contact the Jive Support team if you're interested in looking into making any changes to the configuration for your instance.