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    In Jive if you have SAML SSO configured to enable Passive Authentication, then you may see that your RSS feeds from Jive are no longer functioning in third party RSS feed readers.


    Summary of Passive Authentication functionality from our official docs:

    Passive Authentication

    When guest access is enabled, issues a SAML AuthnRequest upon first access with "isPassive=true", which should cause the IdP to simply redirect back to Jive if the user doesn't have an active session with the IdP.




    This is managed in Admin Console: People > Settings > Single Sign On > SAML > Advanced


    Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 3.46.30 PM.png




    Enabling Passive Authentication can cause issues with non-human web requests, like monitoring tools, RSS feed readers, and tools like the Safari Top Sites widget.  If you rely on these types of integrations with your Jive site then it is recommended that you disable SAML SSO Passive Authentication.