Version 1

    Deep-linking to content in the iOS and Android native apps can be accomplished by directing the mobile device to a URI with the scheme "jivecore". When a mobile user on a supported device visits a Jive instance, they are presented with the option to install the native app or use Mobile Web. If they have elected to use the native app, the URL they have attempted to access will be converted into the equivalent jivecore:// URL and they will be redirected to the native app.


    Specifically, the following URIs are supported (all beginning with jivecore://):

    • home - left up to the app, but usually represents the overall activity stream or the inbox
    • inbox
    • activities
    • contents/<browse ID> - documents, blog posts, status updates, discussions, video
    • dms/<object ID> - direct messages and RTC collaborations
    • shares/<object ID>
    • announcements/<object ID>
    • people/<object ID>
    • places/<browse ID> - groups, spaces, and projects

    Additionally, the following query parameters will be appended:

    • instanceUrl - the jiveURL of the originating Jive instance
    • objectType - the type of the object, if applicable (useful for the cases above where a browse ID is provided)


    An example of a URL deep-linking to a document would be: jivecore://contents/1234?