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    How I Work: An interview with Doug MacKay of Critical Mass

    Posted by Libby Taylor in Jive Talks on Aug 12, 2014


    Meet Doug MacKay of Critical Mass. He's inspired other members of the Jive Community with his enthusiasm and knowledge and was suggested for this interview by our first interviewee, Rachel Duran. I think that Doug has the workstyle question SOLVED, folks. And if you have any doubts, check out the photo below which shows where he was working from last week! I don't want to spoil it though, so let's start at the beginning.


    Libby: Where do you work (location, in the office, remotely, etc.):

    Doug: I'm working at the headquarters of Critical Mass, a global marketing agency, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mostly I work in the office but it seems lately that I'm working all the time: at home and mobile. The interesting thing is that the idea of work is changing. While it's pervasive, the load sometimes diminishes to the point where I can enjoy the outdoors AND keep working.