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    What is the responsive design web experience?


    With the release of the Summer 2014 Jive Cloud release we are delivering a responsive design web experience. Now, as the size of the user’s browser changes size across devices, so will the layout. This means the user can expect to see the same great interface anywhere they go with prioritized content and functionality always surfacing to the top when on a smaller mobile screen. There is no longer a separate mobile plugin or interface just for the mobile web experience.


    You can read more about the features included in the Summer 2014 release here: Products: Introducing Jive Summer 2014 Release | Jive Community


    What version of Jive is the Mobile Web Responsive Design available in?


    The feature is included in the Jive 2014 Summer Cloud Release.  This is not available in Jive 6 or 7.


    Will this affect the iOS or Android Jive apps?


    No, the responsive design does not impact the iOS Or Android Jive apps. The responsive design is only seen when accessing Jive through your mobile browser.


    How do I customize the Jive icon that shows in the top left corner in the mobile browser to be my company's logo?


    You can customize the company logo used in the top left corner of the mobile layout of Jive by using the built in Theme editor in Jive.



    To change the logo, click your avatar icon in the header navigation and select Themes. Once you're in the theme editor, click the blue blue circle in the far left of the header navigation and expand the "Branding header" section




    Here you can change the logo from the default logo to your own custom logo image or a specific piece of text.


    Can the responsive web design layout be disabled?


    No - The responsive web design cannot be disabled. The responsive web design layout that was released with the Summer 2014 Jive Cloud release is meant to replace previous versions of the Jive Mobile Web experience. This new layout will not affect people who are using the iOS or Android mobile applications.



    On my mobile device some pages are not wrapping correctly or fitting the width of my screen


    There is a known bug in the Summer 2014 Cloud release, filed under JIVE-47583, where if you have Minimum Width set for your theme to a value greater than 950 pixels for your site then this may break the responsive layout from functioning as expected on mobile devices.


    If you suspect this may be the cause of an issue you're seeing, you can verify this by going to user menu > Themes > Branding and Decoration > Width > Fluid > Min Width


    To workaround for the issue is to remove any custom values in this input field and rely on the default Jive styling for the minimum width.


    The bug is expected to be resolved in the Fall 2014 Cloud release.





    I have a custom Add-On or App that does not resize correctly now in the Responsive Design - What do I do?


    You will need to coordinate with the team that manages your customization to have them design the Add-On or App in such a way that it will make use of the new responsive design layout and will be usable on mobile devices. There is no way to disable the responsive design layout for specific pages or apps.