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    Idea Icon by ben - 27 Aug 2014- To date, there is only a Finalized Content tile based on the new ways we can mark content.

    This immediately sparked the imaginations of our group owners who began asking for other tiles based on the marked content.  The first requested was an Official Content tile.

    The tile concept would have much greater value if it could reflect the various actions/markings taken on content.

    22 Aug 2014- When I change the name of a document, such as the one below which changed from 'Engage 7 Upgrade: ...' to 'Engage 7:...' the link names to that document are not changed even after refreshing or editing and re-saving.  For example:

    It would be more consistent and easier for the user if the linked title updated the next time the referencing content were refreshed or re-opened.