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    “Design is communication. And you can’t communicate if you don’t know what you want to say.”
    - Why content comes first - InVision Blog


    We use a content-first approach which helps us to deliver a deeper, more valuable user experience based on your business' primary objectives. Content creation is a big job, using these worksheets will help plan, prioritize, and execute a successful launch. Use this worksheet as a jump start to your strategic content workflow. Try aligning user activities with your strategic use cases.





    Who is the target audience?Our product users
    Who is the the primary stake holder?Kenny Tuttle, Vice President Customer Support
    Who will be the primary asset owner or copy writer?William David, Technical Support Analyst


    What are the top high-level three activities you'd like the user to do when they come to this page? (Please prioritize)

    1. Search documentation/knowledge base
    2. Get community answers
    3. Get help from the product support team
    Any other objectives? (Please prioritize)
    1. Learn more about services
    2. Get alerts and other updates
    3. Share knowledge with other users

    Content / Editorial Copy

    Please provide copy and links. Copy should be close to final, but we understand if there are minor changes. Just be aware if there are major changes in the amount of copy, this may call for a different graphic design solution. If links are in in progress use the underline style in the RTE. If you need to add editorial notes to help with content audit/management use braces. Image assets can be attached or provided in a separate asset document.

    Activity #1

    Jive Customer Support

    When questions or issues arise, our experienced support team has you covered. With online community resources and expert product specialists, Jive Customer Support will help you get the most out of your implementation and achieve breakthrough business results. The online resources provided here are an important part of our overall plan to help you be more successful.


    Find answers

    The Customer Support Space is the best place for finding answers to your technical questions.

    • Documentation - View up-to-date manuals and installation guides
    • Knowledge Base - Browse common questions and answers with step-by-step instructions
    Activity #2

    Ask the Community

    Ask questions, share answers, and learn with your peers in the Customer Support Space.

    Activity #3

    My Jive

    We provide all current support customers with a private, secure and confidential support group within our community. You can review previous support cases or report a new issue.

    Other objectives

    Learn more about the different Support Services that Jive provides


    Enabling You to Find Answers Quicker!

    Jive’s commitment to uptime and transparency

    Product Support EOL


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