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    “Design is communication. And you can’t communicate if you don’t know what you want to say.”
    - Why content comes first - InVision Blog


    We use a content-first approach which helps us to deliver a deeper, more valuable user experience based on your business' primary objectives. Content creation is a big job, using these worksheets will help plan, prioritize, and execute a successful launch. Use this worksheet as a jump start to your strategic content workflow. Try aligning user activities with your strategic use cases.





    Who is the target audience?New partners
    Who is the the primary stake holder?Kathryn Bruce, Vice President Alliances
    Who will be the primary asset owner or copy writer?Michael Guerro, Partner Enablement and Operations Manager


    What are the top high-level three activities you'd like the user to do when they come to this page? (Please prioritize)

    1. Success statement. Have an understanding of what they'll learn.
    2. Go to relevant training path
    3. Learn about anti-patterns
    Any other objectives? (Please prioritize)
    1. Learn how to become certified
    2. Get promotional resources

    Content / Editorial Copy

    Please provide copy and links. Copy should be close to final, but we understand if there are minor changes. Just be aware if there are major changes in the amount of copy, this may call for a different graphic design solution. If links are in in progress use the underline style in the RTE. If you need to add editorial notes to help with content audit/management use braces. Image assets can be attached or provided in a separate asset document.

    Activity #1

    Let's work together!

    We want our partners to be successful and are committed to delivering the tools and resources you need to become a shining star. Our learning tracks are especially tailored to suit your specific skillset and needs.

    Activity #2

    Learning Paths

    Sales Specialist {link to SmarterPath training}

    Learn about trainings designed for sales roles to increase their potential.


    Pre-sales Technical Specialist {link to SmarterPath training}

    Discover trainings designed for presales technical roles to drive expert project vision.


    Technical Specialist {link to SmarterPath training}

    Take advantage of training designed for technical roles to be the solution expert.

    Activity #3

    Learn to avoid common pitfalls

    A cheatsheet to make sure your focus stays on track.

    • Antipatterns for partners {link to doc}
    Other objectives

    Showcase your skills to customers by getting certified

    • Certification requirements {link to doc}
    • Learning path exams {link to doc}
    • Certification discounts {link to doc}


    Find the resources you need to promote your partnership

    • Attend events {link to events space}
    • Get badges for your website {link to doc}
    • Social Media Marketing assets {link to doc}