Version 9

    This is a document that we will continue to edit and update as we refine the details.

    First step

    1. Attach your brand guidelines and any source assets such (e.g. vector logos)



    1. Tell us a bit about how you envision your community
    2. Give a brief understanding of the people and users involved
    3. If you have some navigational requirements, like links to external sites, let us know. (Community navigation is often more clearly defined after community architecture design is complete.)




    1. Branding Assets

    Do you have any corporate branding guidelines?

    If so, please attach.


    Do you have any branding resources or asset libraries to share?

    Yes, we have a Corporate Account with Getty Images, please send us an email and we'll grant you access.

    2. About your Community

    Will your community have a name or a logo?

    If you do have a logo, please attach. (Vector is the best source).

    The Hub (We don't have a logo currently)

    Will your community have a tagline?

    Focus on collaboration

    Does this site need to mimic the branding of another site?

    Social Business Software | Jive Software

    Any other inspirational sites to share?

    The New Yorker, COLORS Magazine

    3. Roles

    Who is the target audience?All employees and contractors
    What languages will your community support?English, French
    Who is the the primary stake holder?Michelle Burgess, VP Corporate Communications

    4. Navigation

    Global community header

    Do you require additional strategic global header navigation links besides the standard community navigation (Content/People/Places) links?


    If so please list them, no more than two levels deep. If you'd like to use the WYSIWYG editor in the Theming Tool please note there is a limit of four top-level custom links allowed in the nav bar, not including Home.


    NOTE: Using more than five top-level custom links will require using the Advanced Header/Footer
    1. Corporate
      • About Us
      • Our Company
      • E-Staff
      • News & Events
    2. Departments
      • Finance
      • Human Resources
      • IT Helpdesk
      • Legal
      • Marketing
      • Products
      • Sales
    3. Browse
      • Content
      • People
      • Places

    Any other link requirements? (Please prioritize)


    NOTE: Using custom links outside the nav bar will require using the Advanced Header/Footer.
    1. Brand Library {external resource}

    Global community footer

    Do you require additional strategic global footer navigation links?


    If so please list them, feel free to use headlines to help categorize links.


    NOTE: Using custom navigation in the footer will require using the Advanced Header/Footer.


    Global Tools
    • Brand Library
    • EZ Invoice
    • FormsCentral
    • TeamRooms
    • Policies
    Popular Applications
    • Concur
    • Documentum
    • Travel Portal
    • SuccessFactors

    Getting Started

    • The Hub 101
    • Community Rules
    • Terms and Conditions