Version 3



    Making changes to the SAML SSO configuration in the admin console may requires you to restart your Jive application in order for the changes to apply.


    Please see the table below for a complete list of SAML SSO configuration changes that will require a system restart.




    • Verified for versions: Jive 7 and Jive Cloud




    SettingRequires Restart?
    IDP metadataYes
    User Attribute MappingNo
    Debug ModeNo
    SSO Service BindingNo
    Logout URLYes
    Username IdentityNo
    Sync user profile on loginNo
    Maximum Authentication AgeNo
    Response SkewNo
    Sign AssertionsNo
    Request SignedYes (SP metadata changes to indicate that the assertions will be signed)
    Include ScopingNo
    Proxy countNo
    Base metadata URLYes (SP metadata changes)
    Enable Username Confirmation for New UsersNo
    Enable Email Confirmation for New UsersNo
    Enable Name Confirmation for New UsersNo
    Force AuthenticationNo
    Passive AuthenticationYes
    NameID FormatNo
    NameID Allow CreateNo
    Sign MetadataYes
    Requested AuthnContextNo
    Requested AuthnContext ComparisonNo
    RSA Signature Algorithm URINo
    Group Mapping EnabledNo
    Key StoreYes

    Enable disabled user account on loginNo