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    "Hindsight is 20/ 20"


    I am sure every JIVE community looks back and thinks, "If I only knew then what I know now."  In our recent JIVE meet up, we shared our lessons learned, partly to commiserate together and partly to prevent other communities from making the same mistakes.  Below is a review of the topics discussed and the lessons learned.  Feel free to ask questions, explain further or ask for advice.  Perhaps you see a topic your team is currently struggling with or considering.  This would be a great time to learn from the experts! the people who have already made those mistakes.


    User Architecture:

    Inconsistent page layouts

    Lack of knowledge about the system properties and JIVE tool


    Identifying needs and behaviors


    Engagement/ Buy In

    Plan to be open to feedback and collect it

    Learning when to move on

    Learning to identify advocates

    Launch without formal training & on boarding

    At launch, lead with use, platform rationale & purpose at all business levels

    Understanding how different audiences will use the site (Their basic needs)

    Plan for launch with strategy

    Creating detailed communication plan for changes and launches

    Not polling audiences prior to launch

    Overselling features

    Letting things happen organically


    Platform Customization/ IT

    Custom Permission based navigation

    Customization and upgrades

    Integration of current tools that are not going away

    Options without a developer


    Content Management

    Retitling Uploads


    Standardization with intuitive titles, descriptions and tags

    Content Posting: lack of consistency in governance & structure

    Naming content based in a way that makes sense to them

    Optimize Tags


    Community Management

    Launched a community without Rules of Engagement or Guidelines

    Lingering discussions

    In depth training before launching to a new audience

    Defining what success looks like both globally and granularly



    What to do if your site develops a bad name

    Adam Behrens