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    Thank you for registering for the Jive Book Club! Haven't registered yet? Sign up here to get invited to author webinars, win some prizes and stay updated on all things Jive Book Club.

    How does the Jive Book Club Work?

    We'll select books from thought leaders in the communication and collaboration space that are not only entertaining, but that can teach us something about how to work better together now and in the future. Read along with us and follow the discussion the Jive Community and on social media – then, after two months we'll host a free webinar Q&A with the author.

    What do I have to do to participate?

    We'll announce a new book at the start of every other month. You'll have about two months to read – we'll post a suggested reading schedule, key discussion topics and blog posts in the Jive Community to help you stay on track. Post your thoughts, opinions and questions in the Jive Community or you can get our attention on Twitter by tweeting @jivesoftware with the hashtag #jivereads. In order to post in the community, be sure to create a unique user name and password. Register here.

    Why should I join?

    As part of this free book club, you'll get to interact with best-selling authors, share your insights, perceptions, and opinions, read a great book and most importantly, learn something new!

    Where can I purchase the best-selling books?


    If you have any book suggestions, please reach out to us in the community. Be sure to start following our Facebook and Twitter to follow along as we read – not to mention you could win some cool prizes.


    Check out an introduction video to Loyalty 3.0 by the author, Rajat Paharia: