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    There are several settings and configuration options available to you when you set up a new Advanced Gamification (AGM) Leaderboard widget in Jive.  There are also several important notes around leaderboard behavior that is outlined below that you or your users may run into.



    Types of Leaderboards


    TypeDefinitionWhere it Appears
    Ranked LeaderboardA leaderboard that shows the logged in user in the center of a leaderboard with their overall ranking (position relative to others in the community), with users directly above and below them.

    Reputation Center > Ranking Tab

    "Me" tab of leaderboard widget (if enabled)

    All time leaderboardA leaderboard that shows the top users across the entire community, ever since the community was created or install of AGMOn the leaderboard widget, when the AllTime duration is selected, and no other parameters specified.
    Configurable Leaderboards

    We'll define configurable leaderboards as any leaderboard widget that has a configuration specified.


    This can be in the form of a custom time duration and/or place specified.

    Leaderboard widget



    Definitions of Leaderboard Configuration Options


    • Custom Title: user facing title of the widget
    • Display Mode: Acceptable values are top, me, both (default)
      • Top: Only shows the top users (i.e. if 10 is entered for # users to show, this tab show the 10 users with the highest point values)
      • Me: Shows a ranked leaderboard (see definition above)
      • Both: Shows both top and me leaderboards
    • Default View: determines which leaderboard is defaulted to if both is specified above; acceptable values are top and me
    • Number of Leaders to Display: default is 10; acceptable values are 1 through 100, with no more than 15 being recommended (to prevent information overload)
    • Leaderboard Time Period: determines what time period the leaderboard is calculated off of. See table below.
    • Leaderboard Start Time: If the the user wants to show a leaderboard other than the current time period, a start date can be specified in the form of mm/dd/yyyy. See the table below for applicable start times for each type of leaderboard
    • Rolling Start Time: When a Year time period is specified, enabling a rolling start time will retrieve a leaderboard for the last 11 months, as opposed to the current calendar year (example: If it is December 13, 2013, it will show a leaderboard from January 2013 - December 2013)
    • Point Category: determines which point category to base a leaderboard off of. All AGM customers use the default "Points" category; do not change this value, unless you have configured a different point category or renamed the default one
    • Place: Jive place picker that restricts the leaderboard to data from the specified place(s)
      • Important Note: When places are selected, the Me (ranked) leaderboard is no longer available due to platform limitations. If the user selects Both in display mode and enters a place, the Me tab will not be shown when the leaderboard renders.
    • Include Sub-Containers: Will include ALL Subspaces as Tags to build out the Individual Leaderboard Widget. Bunchball has a limitation of 5 Tags pear Leaderboard and if the user has 15 or more subspaces, it will fail with the following: "Error":{"Message":"Server Error","Code":"600"}


    Leaderboard Time Period


    Time PeriodDefinitionApplicable Start Times
    AllTimecalculates data since the AGM and/or community was launchedNone. Start time is ignored
    Yearcalculates data for the current calendar yearThe starting month for a year leaderboard can be specified. For example, if you want a leaderboard for Feb 1 - Jan 31 of the following year, you would specify 02/01/YYYY as the start time
    Quartercalculates data for the current fiscal quarter with January as the starting month (Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec)The starting month for a quarterly leaderboard (3 months) can be specified. For example, if you want a leaderboard for March 1 - May 31, you would specify 03/01/YYYY as the start time
    Monthcalculates data for the current calendar monthThe month to query can be specified if the user wishes to show a historical monthly leaderboard. For example, a March 2014 leaderboard can be shown by specifying 03/01/2014 as the start time
    Weekcalculates data for the current week (Sunday is defined as the start of a week)The week to query can be specified if the user wishes to show a historical weekly leaderboard. For example, a leaderboard for the week of 5/18 can be shown by specifying 05/18/2014 as the start time
    Daycalculates data for the current dayThe day to query can be specified if the user wishes to show a historical daily leaderboard. For example, a leaderboard for 5/2 can be shown by specifying 05/02/2014 as the start time




    Leaderboard Backfilling

    • The Gamification module doesn't automatically calculate an infinite configuration of leaderboards. Everything other than the default out of the box AllTime leaderboard (for the entire community; not place specific) and ranked leaderboard is generated on demand!
    • This means that when a user who has had the AGM on for several months decides to add a place-specific leaderboard, they will see a blank leaderboard.
      • In this scenario, a newly added leaderboard (such as a new place-specific leaderboard) is now queued up for a backfill. During the backfill process, we compute the data for the requested leaderboard using historical transactional records.
      • How long does the backfill take? The backfill itself takes anywhere from 1.5 seconds to a day depending on the amount of data being processed.
      • How far back back will it backfill? 90 days.
      • What should I do if data is not appearing for several days? Contact Jive Support for assistance in determining why your leaderboard is not populating.


    Anonymous Users


    Gamification uses the term anonymous user to identify a user which is removed from a leaderboard.


    In the AGM, deactivated or disabled Jive users and the system monitoring account (userid=1) are automatically assigned the anonymous flag so they do not appear in the leaderboards. To check whether a user is anonymous, navigate to the Gamification Admin Console, and go to the Users tab. Enter the user ID of the user in question, and hit the search button. On the "Pref" page, look for the Anonymous row. If set to true or 1, this user is anonymous. However, if the user does not have the Anonymous flag and still exhibits anonymous behavior, then it's possible their userid may be impacted by a User Filter Prefix found under Site > General. This User Filter Prefix allows customers to filter out all userid's that start with a specific set of numbers.


    The expected behavior for anonymous users in ranked leaderboards:

    • Anonymous users do not appear on leaderboards for any non-anonymous users viewing them
    • For ranked leaderboard, anonymous users show as 0 points with no rank when viewed by the logged-in anonymous user
    • For all time and configurable leaderboards, anonymous users show with their actual # points when viewed by the logged-in anonymous user


    Tie Breaking


    Notice in the screenshot below that the rankings jump from 11th place to 16th place.  This is not a bug!


    If you look closely, you will see that there are 4 users with 707 points. The typical scoring mechanism for any type of leaderboard is that if users are tied, they get the same rank, and the rank position that would have been occupied by the tied individual is no longer used (i.e. if we have two users at rank position 2, we skip rank position 3).


    This is the typical mechanism used by the Olympics, and other major sporting events.

    Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 10.48.19 AM.png


    • Do I need to set a start time if I want my leaderboard to be for the current time period (current month's leaderboard, current day, etc.)?
      • No. Unless you're is trying to show a specific / historical time period (i.e. showing data for a June contest), then you should leave this blank.
    • The leaderboard is blank and says it is calculating. What does that mean?
      • See the Leaderboard Backfilling section to understand why this is happening. Contact Jive Support if this goes on for more than a day.