About the Course: Internal

Version 16

    Thank you for registering for Jive's Community Management Fundamentals Training program. We're thrilled to offer our customers this set of pre-recorded, self-paced sessions developed in partnership with The Community Roundtable's training program.


    This programs is targeted to Internal or External Community Managers who:

    • Are brand new to their role and need to get quickly up to speed.
    • Have been in their role for 1- 2 years (or program advocates) and want a refresher on fundamentals.



    Why should I take the course?

    Community Management is a relatively new profession. Many find themselves in this new role with little experience or knowledge on key program needs like how to build a collaboration strategy, how to tie communities to KPIs/enterprise goals and how to plan use cases and organization change tactics to build membership and drive engagement that delivers on key KPI's.


    Join this course if you care about:

    • Building key skills, and a career, in this new profession
    • Building a reputation in the field of community management (you earn Jive Community badge and certificate to prove completion!)
    • Knowing what it takes to plan, build, manage a best in class community
    • Knowing what it takes to monitor and report on key KPIs / value metrics
    • Networking with others like yourself
    • Getting answers to key questions you have


    What does the course cost?


    Typically, this course retails for $495. For a limited time, we are offering this course to our customers at no cost.

    Can my co-workers join this course?

    Yes, of course! Success comes from building an army of advocates and topical community owners in your program and we welcome them! Simply provide your colleagues the link to Internal Community Manager Fundamentals and this page for instructions for getting started.


    How do I take the course?

    To get started:

    1. Follow  Internal Community Manager Fundamentals. You want to make sure your name is on our course roster to ensure continued access.
    2. Click on "Introduce Yourself" (also a button on the home page) and say hello! Oh, and don't forget to share your superpower so you can network with other community heroes!
    3. Click on "Take the Course" (also a button on the home page) and get started!

    How can I maximize my learning and meet others like me?

    This course format was specifically designed to both optimize your formal learning (course videos, homework assignments and quiz) while providing you the unique opportunity to:

    1. Get Help. Ask and answer questions with your fellow course participants. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section of the module or create new polls or question pages to address a topic on which you need help.  LA_Photo_Jive-2469-med.jpg
    2. Connect. As a course participant you will have the opportunity to collaborate and learn with others like you on similar community management journeys. To optimize this opportunity:
      1. Register yourself with the course by clicking "Follow" in the upper right corner of the course. This will add your name to the course "people" roster!
      2. Engage with other course participants and follow them to extend your network of peers!
    3. Start the Giving Cycle, Share Your Stories. Sometimes the best way to get new ideas is to start the giving cycle first.  Did you think you tackled a community management problem well for a situation? Share it! Simply comment on the course pages, or create new discussions in the course and ask others what they've done in similar situations. You'll be surprised to see new ideas that will help you as well!


    How many modules are in this course and what will these modules cover?

    There are six (6) modules in this course covering the following topics and learning objectives.


    Learning Objectives

    Companion Worksheet


    Module 1

    Definition of Community & Community Management

    Explore characteristics of online communities and the role and scope of community management. Learn:

    • What defines an online community
    • Dynamics of online communities
    • The role and scope of community management
    • The risks related to poor community management
    Profile and Network Building

    Module 2

    Profiling Community Member Segments

    Understand your community members, how they collaborate and how to plan for strong engagement in your community. Learn:

    • How to identify potential member segments
    • How to prioritize member segments
    • How to profile member segments

    Member Segment Profile

    Module 3

    Community Strategy

    Learn how to prepare, communicate and act on your community strategy. Learn:

    • The elements of a community strategy
    • How to articulate goals in a way that sets your community up for success
    • Understanding your community’s context
    • How to turn strategy into action
    Community Strategy

    Module 4

    Starting a Community

    Focus on best practices for starting communities. Learn:

    •    How to identify early community members

    •    Key practices for starting a community

    •    How to plan for the first few weeks

    Community Action Plan

    Module 5

    Building Engagement & Value

    Build valuable engagement in your community. Learn:

    • How to define the kind of engagement you need
    • Understanding how and why individuals engage
    • How to build engagement ‘recipes’ designed to foster value
    Engagement Recipe

    Module 6

    Measurement & Reporting

    Track, measure and communicate community performance. Learn:

    • How to clearly articulate what to track
    • How to align measurement and reporting to community maturity
    • How to identify and communicate value
    • How to report appropriately to different audiences
    Community Measurement


    Will this course help me build a Community Playbook?

    Yes! All customers who receive a Jive strategy engagement often get all the components they need to build their community playbook.


    When you take this course you will also be provided "module worksheets" in the course checklist and as a downloadable file on every course page. This will help you practice key skills covered in that module. Community Managers can use their completed worksheets to update and build out their playbook as it helps the community manager address key playbook strategy decisions.


    How long does this program run?

    You may start, stop or continue this course at your own pace, there is no deadline for completing the course.


    This course is intended to help you build key skills you need on your journey to becoming a successful community manager. You will retain access to this community to view course assets and participate in discussions as long as you "Follow" the course (the course may require registration in the future and you must be on the course follow list to retain access). However, only course attendees who pass the quiz will receive a course completion certificate (distributed quarterly).




    Course Completion Certificate


    How can I prove I completed the course?

    Participants who pass (80% or higher) the final course quiz will receive a Community Manager Fundamentals Course Completion Certificate (distributed quarterly).


    What if I don't "pass" the quiz?

    If you don't pass the first time, don't worry. This is almost an "open book" quiz. Brush up on the areas you're not clear on and the Internal Course Quiz again!


    Who is The Community Roundtable? And how can I find out more about them?

    The Community Roundtable is a network of the smartest social business leaders. They connect clients with the people and ideas that help clients build and grow successful communities with their customers, employees, and partners. They offer The CR Network, toolkits, community management training, and advisory services. Jive customers are welcomed to learn more at Services - The Community Roundtable.



    Questions? Ask your question in the community and a course community manager will be sure to answer it.


    Note: This is the first in a series of training we have planned to help you on your journey to become effective community managers. Be on the look out for more value added training in the upcoming year. In the meantime, don't miss out on this limited time offer for free access to this course.