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    Jive allows users to mark pieces of content as having a certain outcome, like "Decision", "Final", "Helpful", and so on.  These are called Structured Outcomes in Jive.

    Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 2.35.52 PM.png


    These various outcome types cannot be configured or changed in Jive, but admins can use Jive's built in Phrase Substitution functionality to change or rename the the text used for existing structured outcomes. For example, you can update the text "Mark as Final" to "Mark as Settled".



    • Verified for Jive 7





    To change the text used for one of the structured outcomes, you will need to update the phrase substitution rules for your theme to replace the text.  This can only be done for Jive Custom (On premise and Hosted). Phrase substitution is not available in Jive Cloud.


    To begin, go to:

    Admin Console: System > Settings > Phrase Substitutions > View Rules


    In this example, if we want to update the text of "Mark as Final" to "Mark as Settled", we will create a new rule with the following properties:


    Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 2.38.21 PM.png


    Once saved, we will see the updated text in Jive:


    Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 2.27.56 PM.png


    For more help on using the Phrase Substitution functionality, review our official product documentation, as well as this KB article: How to: Configure Phrase Substitutions


    You can find a complete list of structure outcome phrase substitution keys below


    Complete list of Phrase Substitution keys


    This list is current as of 2014-09-11


    # Outcomes

    outcomes.actionButton.label = Actions

    outcomes.unknownError = An unexpected error has occurred.  It may be helpful to reload the page and retry your action.

    outcomes.reply.actionButton.label = Actions

    outcomes.badgeContainer.ariaLabel = Outcome badges

    outcomes.summaryContainer.ariaLabel = Outcome summary

    outcomes.summary.rollup.inContext = Show in context

    outcomes.summary.done = Done

    outcomes.summary.details = Details

    outcomes.actionMenu.emptyMessage = No actions are available



    outcomes.actionMenu.outcomesHeading = Actions:

    outcomes.actionMenu.actionHeading = Manage:


  = Show History

    outcomes.history.title = The history of the action

    outcomes.history.marked = Marked by

    outcomes.history.ownerChanged = <b>Changed owner</b> to = on {0}

    outcomes.history.done = Done



    outcomes.mostLiked.likes_singular = 1 person likes this

    outcomes.mostLiked.likes_plural = {0} people like this

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.comment.edit = Edit

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.comment.delete = Delete

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.message.edit = Edit

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.message.delete = Delete

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.branch = Branch

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.reportAbuse = Report Abuse

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.reportedAbuse = Abuse Reported

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.moderate = Moderate

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.message.correctAnswer = Mark as Correct

    outcomes.badge.popup.datePart = {0}

    outcomes.badge.popup.approversLabel = Participants:

    outcomes.badge.popup.messageLabel = Description:



    outcomes.warningBanner.official = Note: the Official outcome will be removed when you publish your changes.

    outcomes.warningBanner.finalized = Note: the Final outcome will be removed when you publish your changes.

    outcomes.warningBanner.outdated = Note: the Outdated outcome will be removed when you publish your changes.

    outcomes.warningBanner.wip = Note: This document is currently marked as Reserved. Publishing changes can potentially overwrite another user''s edits.



    outcomes.action.outcomeNote.noteLabel = Description

    outcomes.action.outcomeNote.sendButton = Mark


  = Link to the latest version (optional) = Provide the URL of the latest version

    outcomes.action.outdatedAlert.sendButton = Mark



    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.title = Create an Action Item for yourself

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.update.title = Take ownership of this action item

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.unresolve.title = Unresolve action

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.addContributors.title = Add participants

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.checkboxLabel = Discuss this Action Item

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.checkboxDescription = Bring in others to resolve this action item

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.permissionWarning = This user does not have view permissions for this content.  They won''t receive a share until they''re allowed to view the content.

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.private.permissionWarning = This user will be granted access to the item you''re trying to share.

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.noteLabel = Description

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.notePlaceholder = Enter a description

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.noteDescription = The description will be visible to anyone who can view this content

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.sendButton = Mark

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.people.placeHolder = Select people

    outcomes.action.pendingAlert.shareText = Hi, check out the action on "{0}"



    outcomes.action.pendingTooltip.title = Get back to your Action Items

    outcomes.action.pendingTooltip.body = You can view all the actions you own in the Actions tab on the home page = View actions



    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.finalized.title = Mark as final

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.finalized.question = Are you sure you want to mark this content as final?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.outdated.title = Mark as outdated

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.outdated.question = Are you sure you want to mark this content as outdated?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.official.title = Mark as official

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.official.question = Are you sure you want to mark this content as official?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.wip.title = Mark as Reserved

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.wip.question = Are you sure you want to mark this content as Reserved?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.result = This item can have only one badge (Final, Official, Reserved, or Outdated). If you apply a new badge, the other one will be removed.

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.exclusion.confirmButton = Mark



    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.edit.wip.document.title = Edit document

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.edit.wip.document.question = Are you sure you want to edit this document?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.edit.wip.document.result = {0} has marked this as reserved. Making changes \

                                                                may overwrite that user''s edits. Continue?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.edit.wip.document.confirmButton = Edit



    #Outcome-specific strings #############################################################################################

    outcomes.action.createdMessage.takeOwnership = You have taken ownership of this action item

    outcomes.action.updatedMessage.addAssignees = You have added contributors to this action item



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.decision = Marked as decision

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.decision = Unmarked decision = Mark as Decision

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.decision.get = Marked as Decision

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.decision.delete = Unmark as Decision = Decisions

    outcomes.badge.decision = Decision

    outcomes.summary.decision = Decision

    # Popup text looks like "outcomes.badge.popup.decision {user display name link} outcomes.badge.popup.datePart".

    outcomes.badge.popup.decision = Marked by



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.success = Marked as Success

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.success = Unmarked as Success = Mark as Success = Mark as {0} Success = Let your community know about this collaboration Success Story!

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.success.get = Marked as Success

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.success.delete = Unmark as Success = Successes

    outcomes.badge.success = Success

    outcomes.summary.success = Success

    outcomes.badge.popup.success = Marked as a Success Story by



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.outdated = Marked as Outdated

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.outdated = Unmarked as Outdated = Mark as Outdated

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.outdated.get = Marked as Outdated

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.outdated.delete = Unmark as Outdated

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.meta.outdated.delete = Unmark = Outdated Content

    outcomes.badge.outdated = Outdated

    outcomes.summary.outdated = Outdated

    outcomes.badge.popup.outdated = Marked by

    outcomes.action.outdatedAlert.urlPlaceholder = Enter a URL

    outcomes.action.outdatedAlert.urlDescription = Optionally provide a URL to the updated content

    outcomes.action.outdatedAlert.linkTextPlaceholder = Enter link title

    outcomes.action.outdatedAlert.linkTextDescription = This will be displayed for people to click on



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.finalized = Marked as Final

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.finalized = Unmarked as Final

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.finalized.title = Unmark as final

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.finalized.question = Are you sure you want to unmark this content as final?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.finalized.result = Doing so will remove the final label and display all the comments.

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.finalized.confirmButton = Unmark = Mark as Final

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.finalized.get = Marked as Final

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.finalized.delete = Unmark as Final

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.meta.finalized.delete = Unmark = Finalized Content

    outcomes.badge.finalized = Final

    outcomes.summary.finalized = Final

    outcomes.badge.popup.finalized = Marked by



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.official = Marked as Official

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.official = Unmarked as Official

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.official.title = Unmark as official

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.official.question = Are you sure you want to unmark this content as official?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.official.result = Doing so will remove the official label.

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.official.confirmButton = Unmark = Mark as Official

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.official.get = Marked as Official

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.official.delete = Unmark as Official

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.meta.official.delete = Unmark = Official Content

    outcomes.badge.official = Official

    outcomes.summary.official = Official

    outcomes.badge.popup.official = Marked by



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.wip = Marked as Reserved

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.wip = Unmarked as Reserved

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.wip.title = Unmark as reserved

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.wip.question = Are you sure you want to unmark this content as reserved?

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.wip.result = Doing so will remove the reserved label.

    outcomes.action.confirmMessage.wip.confirmButton = Unmark = Mark as Reserved

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.wip.get = Marked as Reserved

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.wip.delete = Unmark as Reserved

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.meta.wip.delete = Unmark = Reserved Content

    outcomes.badge.wip = Reserved

    outcomes.summary.wip = Reserved

    outcomes.badge.popup.wip = Marked by



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.pending = Marked for Action

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.pending = Unmarked for Action

    outcomes.action.updatedMessage.pending = Action updated = Mark for Action

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.pending.get = Marked for Action

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.pending.delete = Delete = Take Ownership = Resolve

    outcomes.actionMenu.share.pending.view = View conversation

    outcomes.actionMenu.share.pending.put = Add participants = Action Item

    outcomes.badge.pending = Action Item

    outcomes.summary.pending = Action Item

    outcomes.badge.popup.pending = Owned by = See update here: = Updated at:



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.helpful = Marked as Helpful

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.helpful = Unmarked Helpful = Mark as Helpful

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.helpful.get = Marked as Helpful

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.helpful.delete = Unmark as Helpful = Helpful

    outcomes.badge.helpful = Helpful

    outcomes.summary.helpful = Helpful

    outcomes.badge.popup.helpful = Marked by

    outcomes.actionLink.item.helpful = Helpful



    outcomes.action.createdMessage.resolved = Marked as Resolved

    outcomes.action.deletedMessage.resolved = Unmarked Resolved = Mark as Resolved

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.resolved.get = Marked as Resolved

    outcomes.actionMenu.item.resolved.delete = Unmark as Resolved = Unresolve = Resolved

    outcomes.badge.resolved = Resolved

    outcomes.summary.resolved = Resolved

    # Popup text looks like "outcomes.badge.popup.resolved {user display name link} outcomes.badge.popup.datePart".

    outcomes.badge.popup.resolved = Resolved by



    outcomes.badge.mostLiked = Most Liked



    outcomes.inbox.add.contributors.pending = Add Participants

    outcomes.inbox.add.contributors.pending.desc = Alert other participants

    outcomes.inbox.shared.pending.view = Linked on the action:


  = a decision = a success = final = official = helpful

    # context: "(marked as) action item" = action item

    # context: "(marked as) resolved" = resolved = outdated = reserved



    # Represents all outcomes in search

    outcomes.badge.all = All Content



    outcomes.error.missing = The outcome can''t be found. It must have been unmarked by another user.