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    We use a content-first approach which helps us to deliver a deeper, more valuable user experience based on your business' primary objectives. Content creation is a big job, using these worksheets will help plan, prioritize, and execute a successful launch. Use this worksheet as a jump start to your strategic content workflow. Try aligning user activities with your strategic use cases.




    Who is the target audience?Sales Employees
    Who is the the primary stake holder?Kathryn Bruce, Vice President Sales
    Who will be the primary asset owner or copy writer?Nathan Hansen, Sales Support and Training


    What are the top high-level three activities you'd like the user to do when they come to this page? (Please prioritize)

    1. Make sure Sales Team always have the most recent sales process guide
    2. Access key documents and Places
    3. Ask questions to the team
    Any other objectives? (Please prioritize)
    1. Finding out what questions other people in the Sales organization have
    2. Allow Place experts to participate and answer questions have not been answered yet.
    3. Find other experts

    Content / Editorial Copy

    Please provide copy and links. Copy should be close to final, but we understand if there are minor changes. Just be aware if there are major changes in the amount of copy, this may call for a different graphic design solution. If links are in in progress use the underline style in the RTE. If you need to add editorial notes to help with content audit/management use braces. Image assets can be attached or provided in a separate asset document.

    Activity #1

    Sales Process Guide

    We’re amped to launch our newest process guide for crushing it in Q4! The streamlining has made this the toolkit to date. It's so easy to get on the right track for success.

    Go Checkout the Latest {Link to Document}

    Activity #2

    Competitive Knockout

    Find out what our competitors are doing and how to deposition against them. Let us know if you see a new competitor!

    Competition {Link to Space}



    Key sales resources by opportunity stage

    Early Stage

    Customer reference master list

    Corporate Overview

    Competitive Analysis Site Mockup


    Mid Stage

    RFP Template for Vendor Selection

    Analysist Reports

    Year One Adoption Services


    Late Stage

    Sales to Services Handoff

    Proposal Template

    Security Review Docs

    Activity #3

    [Ask a Quesiton widget]

    Other objectives

    [Unanswered Questions widget]


    [Answered Questions widget]


    [Top Participants widget]