Version 1

    This add-on for Jive 7.0.2+, JiveX and Jive Cloud adds click to call and click to chat functionality to Jive.

    From a users profile page or the profile hover popup you will be able to

    • Call the user on their phone
    • Call the user on Skype
    • Start a chat via Skype


    The add-on is offered free of charge to all Jive customers. The add-on is donation ware. If you feel that the functionality is of value to you, you can donate a small amount via the app as a user. Jive administrators can donate for their community as a whole. In that case we will remove the donate buttons from the app for you.

    We will continue to maintain this and add new functionality.



    Header 1Header 2Header 3
    Call, Skype and Chat buttons added to the user profile pageCall and chat buttons on the profile hover popupThe first time you use any of the buttons, your browser will ask for confirmation





    Download the attached add-on installer. Do not unzip it.

    Navigate to your profile dropdown and select Add-Ons. Upload the add-on zip file.

    Once you have installed the add-on there are a few additional steps.

    Add a profile field to hold the users Skype field. It is highly recommended to name the field "skype" as there are issues with spaces and uppercase characters.


    Suggested field setup.

    Once you have created the profile field, navigate to the Skype for Jive app in the apps menu. Alternatively you can go to the url

    Only if you are an administrator, you will see the options to configure the add-on settings. Please put in the profile field names for the fields that hold the phone number and Skype Id.

    The default for the phone number is "Phone Number", for Skype we recommend the name set to "skype" as explained above.

    Both fields are optional if you do not want to use the functionality.


    Save the settings and wait for the confirmation.

    Once you have populated your phone number and Skype id, the new Call, Skype and Chat buttons will be available on your profile. Similarly, the buttons will only show up if a user has entered values for their phone number and/or Skype Id.