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    On Premise Licenses and My Jive Licenses FAQ


    Where Do I Get My Jive License?


    For On Premise customers, you can access your Jive license(s) by navigating to Apps in JiveWorks and selecting My Jive Licenses. 



    Once you have accepted the terms and conditions related to licensing, you will be shown any active contracts, licenses and downloads.




    If you do not see your expected licenses, you are missing a specific license version, or you see an error in your account, please open a new Jive Support case for assistance.


    I Do Not Have Access To My Jive Licenses. What Do I Do?


    If you cannot access the licenses, please create a new Jive Support case in your My Jive Group requesting access.


    How Do I Get a License for Testing?


    No separate license is required for a test site, you can use your production license for your QA/DEV/Test sites - just be certain to mark those instances as "Development Environment" in Admin Console > Systems > License Information > License Options




    I Am Upgrading to a New Version That Isn't in My List of License Keys. What Do I Do?


    If you are upgrading to a newer version of Jive and you do not have a license available for that version, then you will need to create a new Jive Support case requesting an updated license.

    How Do I Get My License If I Manage Multiple Customer Sites?


    After logging into the My Jive Licenses app you will see a drop down next to the company name where you can select from a list of companies that your account is associated with.





    Do Hosted Customers Get a License for Testing?


    Yes, hosted customers are provided a Hosted UAT environment for testing. Additionally, a customer is entitled to their own On-Premise testing and development environment in the same manner as On-Premise customers.


    Do Cloud Customers Get a License for Testing?


    No, Jive license files or installation files are not available for Jive Cloud customers. Please contact your account manager to learn more about testing in Jive Cloud.


    I Am Getting a License Warning on My Instance. What Do I Do?


    If you are seeing a license warning message in your Jive instance then review License Warnings and Their Meanings to find your specific warning and instructions on how to resolve the issue.