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    You may run into an issue where if you change the name of a Social Group or a Space, the Blog that belongs to that place will not have its name changed along with it.


    This is a known issue in Jive, tracked under ID JIVE-37316, which has been resolved in Jive 7.0.3 and the Jive Cloud Fall 2014 release.


    If you are not yet on these versions, you have use the Jive v3 API as a way to rename an existing blog that has an out of date name.


    This document outlines a workaround that applies to older versions of Jive 7. 


    Issue Details

    • JIVE-37316
    • Bug Summary: Renaming Social Group Does Not Update Social Group Blog Name
    • Affected Versions: 7.0.1, 7.0.2, Jive Cloud (Summer 2014 and earlier)
    • Fix Versions: Jive 7.0.3, Jive Cloud (Fall 2014)




    Symptoms of the issue

    Due to bug JIVE-37316, when a Jive user updates the name of a Social Group or a Space, the blog that resides within that place will still display the old name of its parent place.  The blog name is not updated along with the place that it is in.


    See the screenshot below of how this issue is identified :




    Steps to Rename a Blog

    To resolve the issue, you must use the Jive v3 API to update the blog name. You can do this by using the /api/core/v3/places/{placeid} v3 API end point, and passing the following JSON data:


    Request URI:

    PUT /api/core/v3/places/{placeid}



    JSON Data:

    {"name": "New Space Name"}



    Example cURL command to change a blog to "New Space Name":

    curl 'https://[JIVEURL]/api/core/v3/places/1056' -X PUT -u [Username]:[Password] -H 'Content-Type: application/json'  --data-binary $'{"name": "New Space Name"}'


    If you need help with using the Jive v3 API, it is recommended that you review the following resources:


    Updating the Blog Name


    Run cURL command:

    curl 'https://[JIVEURL]/api/core/v3/places/1056' -X PUT -u [Username]:[Password] -H 'Content-Type: application/json'  --data-binary $'{"name": "New Space Name"}'




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