Version 2

    Problem IDSeverityRelease Notes TitleWorkaround
    JIVE-46485S2Gamification points show as zero in menus but correctly on Profile pageNone
    JIVE-49168S2Photo Album images are not moved to External Storage Provider when a Photo Album is moved to a ESP-enabled placeNone
    JIVE-26679S2Archived poll filter not returning resultsNone
    JIVE-44035S2Slide images are not deleted if an existing image is changed and the entire slide is not deletedIn the social group the carousel is located in, select "Manage --> Image Files" and delete the images from there.
    JIVE-49725S2Catalyst plugin showcase members widget images truncatedNone
    JIVE-49587S2Cannot embed Brightcove videos in the Content EditorContact Support for assistance with a custom theming solution.