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    Customers on Jive 7.0.2 who are using Jive for Office may see issues where Office documents that are uploaded via Jive for Office will have space characters replaced with "%20" in the file name.


    This can result in file attachments that look like the following:




    The issue has been resolved in Jive 7.0.3 and later.


    Issue Details

    • Bug ID: JENSO-6726
    • Bug Summary: Document filenames with spaces display incorrectly when published from Jive for Office
    • Affected  Versions: 7.0.2
    • Fix Versions: 7.0.3 & Jive Cloud


    Identifying the Problem


    • This article has been verified for versions: Jive 7.0.3 and Jive Cloud



    See the steps below for how to identify and reproduce the issue:


    1) Open Microsoft Word and create a new document.
    2) Save the document to your desktop, be sure spaces are in the filename. e.g. "Testing for Spaces.docx"

    3) Publish the document to your Jive instance from within Jive for Office (screenshot 1 below)



    Actual result: Spaces in the filename are replaced with "%20" once it is uploaded to Jive

    Expected: The file name formatting is preserved after being uploaded into Jive


    Before uploading the document:



    After uploading the document via Jive for Office:



    The problem is caused by a bug, JENSO-6726, that was identified in Jive 7.0.2.



    The only workaround for this issue is to upgrade to Jive 7.0.3, where the issue has been resolved.  The issue has been automatically resolved for Jive Cloud customers.