Version 4


    Organizations running Jive in an on premise environment with multiple web nodes behind a single load balancer may find themselves needing to log into specific web application nodes for troubleshooting purposes.


    It is recommended that all on premise customers configure their Jive instances such that they are able to access the individual Jive web nodes directly.



    • Applies to Jive 7



    You will need to configure Jive so that you're able to bypass Apache and connect directly to the Tomcat service on the individual web app nodes.


    Set the following Jive CLI startup properties (from the Startup Property Reference) via the instructions in Startup Properties Commands:


    webapp.http_monitor_addr =

    webapp.http_monitor_port = 9002



    You could also use 9001 or 9000 depending on your preference/configuration.  Once you have this configured, you will be able to access the individual nodes by navigating to <node hostname or IP address>:9002/ in your web browser.  Please note that when you log in, you may be redirected back over the load balancer; simply navigate to <node hostname or IP address>:9002/ again after logging in, and you should be authenticated to your site and on the correct node (assuming you provided valid credentials).