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    How do I access my Jive Database as a Hosted Customer?


    Customers running Jive Custom in a Jive Hosted environment do not have direct access to databases running in the Jive hosted environments. Customers cannot log into or access the databases directly.


    If you need access the data in your hosted databases, Jive is able to provide a copy of your database as a database dump file to you. The following databases are made available through the Jive Cloud Admin tool for your instance:

    • Jive Core Application Database
    • Jive Activity Engine (EAE) Database
    • Jive Analytics Database


    You can log into Jive Cloud Admin at


    Database downloads are made available through Jive Cloud Admin to Hosted customers. If you do not have access to downloading copies of your database through Jive Cloud Admin, then please file a new support case so we can enable access.


    If you need assistance with loading your database dump file or running queries against it please review How To: Working With Database Dumps


    How do I access my Jive Database as a Jive Cloud Customer?


    On demand database backup dump files are not made available to Jive Cloud customers at this time (Sept 2016).


    Can I access my Jive hosted server or environment directly via FTP or SSH?


    No. Jive admins are not allowed to log directly into hosted or cloud environments. Only approved Jive support and hosting engineers are allowed to directly access Jive hosted instances.