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    When a document is edited the author has the option of publishing the new version as a "Minor Edit". The minor edit feature allows for edits to be made to a document without having other users be notified of the new edit.  The edit itself is still published and visible, but there will be no activity notifications around the new version of the document.


    The minor edit functionality is only available for the Document content type.




    When publishing a new document version, the following will take place when minor edit is selected:

    • No Inbox Notifications
    • No Stream Updates
      • The document will not appear at the top of the activity stream
    • No Updates in 'Recent Activity' Widgets
    • Modified date and version history is still present


    Please note, the minor edit feature is only available in Documents. In older versions of Jive, the 'minor edit' check box may be present in content types that don't support this functionality.


    FeatureDocument Major EditDocument Minor Edit
    Inbox Notification1.png
    Stream Update2.png
    Recent Activity Widget Update3.png
    Modified Date Field Update4.png