Version 3


    You may see that when logging into Jive after making system configuration changes you are presented with a "Verification Console" before you proceed.


    The following message will be displayed:

    The Jive licensing server detected that your Jive instance has been moved or copied. Please help us keep your license current by providing some information.


    What Happened?

    • The instance or the database was moved to a new machine. Apps will continue to function normally.
    • The instance was copied. Apps, recommender and tenancy service will be affected. Apps may appear broken.



    It is important that you select the correct option before you proceed.


    Why did this happen?


    The main reasons for the Verification Console appearing is if one of the following configuration settings changes and the site is restarted:

    • JiveURL System Property
    • Database Connection URL


    Please note that this verification process will only happen for instances that have a license type of Production Environment. You can verify your license type by going to Admin Console: System > Management > License Information.


    This verification process will not trigger for Developer Environments.  This can explain why this verification console is not seen during dry-run upgrades and test migrations.



    What do I choose?

    1. If your system is staying the same type of instance (e.g. Production) and you were just performing a system restart, select Moved (Option 1)
    2. If your system is being migrated to a separate or new environment (e.g. migrating from Prod to UAT) then, select Copied (Option 2).


    Please note, if you suddenly see the verification console and you're unsure of why, the safest option is to select the Moved option (Option 1).


    Selecting Moved will keep all of your system settings intact.


    Selecting Copied will result in your instance ID and instance type changing, which can result in your instance losing its registration with external services like Cloud Search, Recommender, Apps Market, Add-On services, and more.  These external services will think that your Jive instance has a brand new instance, since the instanceID is now different.


    If you mistakenly selected the Copied option, and you need to revert back, it is advised that you restore the following system properties from a backup:

    • jiveInstanceId
    • jive.eae.instance.type


    You can read more about this Verification Console in our product docs:

    version 7 -…

    version 8 -



    • Applies to Jive 4.5+