Version 8

    If you attempt to install an add-on that is signed for another Jive instance, the installation will fail with a security exception. You will see a security exception about the service signature in the error message:


    ERROR - Jive service signature for integration user is not valid

    java.lang.SecurityException: Jive service signature for integration user is not valid


    This occurs because the add-on signature is specific to a Jive instance that is different than the one where you are attempting the install. If you still want to install this add-on into your community, you can perform this action if you log in as a FULL ACCESS admin.

    As a full access admin, perform the following steps:

    1. From the Add-Ons page, hold down the Command key (⌘) on a Mac or the Control key on Windows while clicking Upload Package.
      upload package.png
    2. Create a new signature. You can now specify the UUID of the add-on (found within the "id" field of meta.json) in the UUID field and click Sign. You will need to unzip the add-on package to acquire this information.
      sign package.png
    3. Use the new signature. Copy the resulting signature value and use it for the "jiveServiceSignature" field specified in definition.json of your add-on. (If you intend to install this add-on onto multiple Jive instances, you can put all the signatures into this field as a space-separated list of signatures.)

    You can now re-zip your updated add-on package and upload it to the Jive instance without receiving a security exception.

    WARNING: This gives unrestricted content admin access to this add-on.