Jive Japan User Luncheon - November, 21st 2014

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    On Friday, November 21st, the Jive users from Japan gathered at The French Kitchen in Tokyo to discuss a range of topics, from launching a new community to improving engagement. The food was great, but the conversation was even better (thanks to Anthony Isaac for interpreting).



    11/21(金)に日本のJiveユーザが東京にある The French Kitchen に集まり、コミュニティの立ち上げやエンゲージメントの改善などのような、いろいろなトピックスについて話し合いました。食事は美味しかったし、会話は素晴らしかったです(Anthony Isaac、通訳ありがとうございます)。




    Jive: VP of Sales Robert Yue, Sr. Strategy Consultant Corey Mathews, and Account Manager Tayler Trottier

    Customers: Morgan Stanley, Ricoh, Honda, Mylan



    Jive: セールスVP Robert Yue、シーニア戦略コンサルタント Corey Mathews、アカウントマネージャ Tayler Trottier

    お客様: Morgan Stanley様、Ricoh様、Honda様, Mylan様



       "Hurry up with the picture so we can dig into these yummy desserts!" 「デザート食いたいから早く写真撮ってくれよ!w」




    Use case discovery and delivery: When you have a new community, how do you go about finding the use cases and implementing them?

    A use case is defined as a group of people, doing something in Jive, to achieve business value. Start by thinking of a group of employees at your company who would be interested in using Jive to improve the way their team works. This can be a single department, like Sales, or a group that crosses multiple departments, like a Community of Practice for Project Managers. Use cases differ for each company based on culture. To implement your use case, you'll need a community manager to help with training and promotion. Introduce Jive to the team by giving them a real life example of why they should use Jive. This could be as small as starting a discussion in Jive with their team members instead of sending an email. Continue to support your use cases going forward. Remember to gather a benchmark of data to use when you need to measure results later.


    ユースケース発見と実施 - 新規コミュニティの場合、どうやってユースケースを発見して実施するの?




    Executive sponsorship - What are some good ways to get executives involved and openly using the community?

    Executives are busy people. They want to support the Jive team, but may not have them time to browse activity and create content. A good idea is to meet with a member of the communications team to have them help craft a message on behalf of your executive for them to review and post when they're ready. This saves time and encourages your executives to focus on the ease of using the community, rather than writing content. The next best thing is to ask an executive to post a quick status update. Users will be excited to see activity from the CIO and engagement will improve.


    経営層による援助 -どうやって経営者を積極的に参加させたり、「オープン」にコミュニティを利用させるの?


    Measuring ROI - How can I measure success and show stakeholders the impact we've made in the business?

    To determine success, you need to understand your community's goals, and what success looks like for each goal. There are multiple resources you can use to measure qualitative and quantitative results, like surveying users or analyzing numbers in the Community Manager reports. Another way is to return to the benchmarks created from your use cases and see their improvements after using Jive.

    ROI測定 -どうやって「成功」を測定してステークホルダーにどれだけビジネス価値を生み出したかを見せるの?


    See Corey's JiveWorld365 presentation here: Advanced Measurement: Proving Business Value to Expand or Sustain Your Community - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

    CoreyのJiveWorld365 発表はこちらです: Advanced Measurement: Proving Business Value to Expand or Sustain Your Community - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM


        Tone driving conversation and interpreting questions for our English speaking attendees. 会話を促進して英語圏参加者に質問を通訳しているTone.


    Next time

    Stay tuned for another user group meeting around early February. We're hoping to have a speaker from Jive attend to discuss specific topic. Any ideas? Comment below.